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    Oh boy I love stickers
  2. There should be a stat at the end of the battle that says something like "Life seals wasted"
  3. Druids are a lot stronger , I recommend it
  4. I think it was just an awful idea. It should be changed to battle of the life seals! Its funny how when you go up against some plus 10s and they don't know how to work with their +10 partners so you beat them initially but then they can just buy some life seals and still win. The solution? "Use life seals too" what's the point of doing arena for ap if most ap goes to life seals? Do I need to spend mcoin on tickets and seals? Lol? Anyways this is just my last thought, but I like gladiators idea about seals
  5. Not hard to tell there are more elf complaining on this topic than mc lol "Shamans and BDS are equally overpowered" that's a real hoot. I can't stand Fire totem in crowd fights because it constantly switches targets and is a pain in the ass. If you don't like fire totem do what most do and take two steps and be out of danger. All of these jokes about improving druid are quite hysterical considering all their capabilities... I wouldn't recommend maxing heal totem if you like being offensive
  6. Damn people use to make fun of my amp too dop is cool but maili is smarter, you could tell if you watched the pvp
  7. Damn bruh they switched languages roasted you then switched back to engly and roasted you some more
  8. Yah the more you get hit the more it gets set off, Ive always liked lightning shield its just the horrendous CD. We rnt op .l.
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