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  1. pum message me on fourms after u do thing
  2. invite my necro to guild nubs kick flugay
  3. duck duy he is a ♥♥♥♥♥ XD
  4. lol pum ws will always be life... and no i am not in trouble, gi you act like im leaving for years :( .... only for a few weeks.. gotta focus on track, grades and bday thats coming up.. cya guys in a bit have fun!!!! :drinks:
  5. sorry to just leave u guys like this but i have to go. i wont be back till may or late april... good luck with tourny guys... kick me if needed, cyaaa. ps stay gay pummy. stay sexy jim and gi stay the jelly br girl whose jelly of me and jim that u are ps. they made a server for u gi why are u still here? :blush:
  6. LMAO tell me why I read NASA not NSA.. I. must of been drunk or something
  7. Why the duck would I want mana regen on my ammy...would screw up my whole set... I use mana regen on my belts.... all I know is if I log on. Oon the 30th and. my ammy has those shit stats we gonna have a problem :facepalm:
  8. Devs can't even make a decent gamee.... they are to dumb to work with nasa
  9. Looks like melees gonna be trash for. A few months ( future update= months)
  10. :unknw: damnn man how retarded do u have to be to no be able to spell challenge.... u comme and post negative bout my friends guild first.... u brought this upon yourselves..
  11. or I have a better idea.... how bout u shut the duck up? Urowak #1 pro lvl 14 will always be and jizz chars r pro for their low amp hate on it..
  12. welcome back to fourms jen.... try to not get banned AGAIN!! :drinks:
  13. Some Eu players are so ignorant :facepalm:
  14. Is this really true? Lol I thought the guild was fake (leaves guild vortex)
  15. no I am her bf and will always be.... stephen is her new stalker... don't worry. She gets them weekly
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