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  1. A bueno pues hay que Admitirlo, Ella se ve Bien.
  2. omg i can't believe she did that yet :/
  3. Ya lo sabia Te vi antes Escribiendo en Spanish en otros Topics. La oferta de casarnos sigue en pie
  4. I always do that and sometimes talk to myself in the mirror -_-'' ik the last one is little weird lol
  5. I would never use an axe or a falchion in my rogue only Gladius or daggers
  6. lmao, ppl should make a topic about this. Some ppl as me speak a super ultra bad english xD
  7. lolwhat is this? Scamm like a ninja day?
  8. Boogiesx sold em to Evilldoll, and i doubt she sell it back :/ she become an arena player to get rank 1 in arena.
  9. She scammed you then? lol She sold em for 2M to Boogiesx
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