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  1. My children r well educated, and r also taught not to put up with VULTURES like u. In america a vulture is a bird that preys on other dead/half dead creatures. I havent seen any topics of me being a scammer do u? Nope guess not, maybe u should let ur students go to a better teacher. and I'll pray for u that any children u have do not get ur brains. at least my young children can spell "more" rite. Your just a parasite, a hemroid, a leech, something that should be quickly cut off so it can never grow again or multiply. it's a shame ur education is never used where it needs to be.
  2. butthurt over drama with eisha? plz. after u screwed her over if u recall we were friends more aquaintances cuz the only time u talked to me was when u wanted gold or mcoin items. butthurt? cuz I didnt get scammed by u? HAHAHAHAHA thats amusing . And u couldnt be more wrong. I am no where near depressed. I have an amazing life, my own place, car, great kids that love me, a fiance that Im due to marry, that treats me like a goddess, and we will have a baby soon after we r married. why on earth would I be depressed? And I would just beat u up for fun, has nothing to do with anything other than ppl like u getting what they deserve. sounds like ur just a little butthurt that I wouldnt give u gold and mcoin items more than ne thing. and threatening warning points to someone who has not insulted u AS u insult them is abuse of ur powers. And very childish.
  3. I have some "ghetto language" for you anytime u'd like to come to america. I'll turn u into a real woman, and it'll only take me a cpl min . But we all know u would never show, so it's pointless, u'll just continue to use ur flirtatious ways to get what u want and give REAL hard working women a bad name of being sluts and wh*res. It's a shame ur even in the same species. I didnt use any foul language with u, u abuse your mod powers as we have seen on page one and 2 of this topic threatening warning points cuz ur not getting ur way good job to everyone that made her a mod. it's like making hilter president of the world. would u like me to take a pic of my birth certificate? Im not 50 nor am I close to 50. I am 29 yrs old. truth is facts not just blurting out whatever u feel.
  4. Ur wrong She's the new Duane eisha dueisha
  5. Is it because u think I'm a cheap thinker? I got what I needed from all of this topic I've read the whole thing. Especially the part where ur bashing on others personal life b4 anyone says ne thing about urs. Its sad a grown woman/teacher can bash others so easily when this topic started because of something about a game and instead of saying "yes I'm sorry I wronged u ladygi" or something along those lines u see it fit to start spilling secrets she told u in confidence first chance u get. Maybe u need to go back to school instead and b retaught good morals. She said nothing about ur personal life before u got defensive and started bashing hers. A good friend doesn't put someone else's business on blast first chance they get. They hold those secrets and try to rite their own wrongs.
  6. I am not here with a poley scam story even though she has asked me for gold or mshop items on a few occasions and whether I had it or not didn't give it to her. I am just here to say How dare u. How dare u act like ur crap dont stink and bash on housewives, and helping/caring for seniors. I was a housewife at one time and my current occupation is taking care of elderly/handicapped. I find this Job very satisfying knowing these people count on me for things they can't do. What will u bash on next? Single mothers? Just keep in mind someday u will be old and I hope u r put in a bad nursing home and while u r there u can reflect on this when u say that we r "small thinkers" I dont know 4-6 different languages but my achievements r just as good as urs. I have lost any respect I had for u with just those 2 statements. And someday karma will bite u hard for all the wrongs u have dun to good people. I just hope its sooner than later.
  7. whats wrong with getting married and being a housewife?
  8. wow lady that really is...... I just dont have words. just wow, thats so ignorant to do to someone!!! I never thought in a million yrs she would do something like that
  9. It seems that the mcs are very disorganized when war starts, Small groups going in every direction, No one is regrouping, Everyone thinks they r the leader, it is just a MESS!!!!!! So I proprose that we have a vote for war leader. I would like everyone to please nominate a good leader for the war and I will make a poll, the winner will be our leader on a trial basis and we shall see how he/she does. Please nominate based on how this person leads, THIS IS NOT (I repeat NOT) a popularity contest, nominate someone who can get respect from mcs and can get them organized, someone with great plans to help us come into victory almost everytime if not everytime, someone who can take others ideas and make them into a great plan for winning a war!!!!!! I will start a poll for the nominations by the end of this weekend. Good luck!!!
  10. my stories r true til I see proof of it otherwise no one has proof ur 18 and u lie about everything anyway. so I firmly believe ur older than 18. and my liffe doesnt revolve around ws so I dont feel the need to put all my money into ws
  11. +6 weapon only means that unlike u I actually use my money wisely and take care of my family and pay bills instead of blowing it on a game my life is not all about ws like urs. Awe look cyber made an account on forum to be his own gf. isnt that cute? (no not really. it's disturbing and u need mental help)
  12. First off u have no idea on my rl or anything that goes on in my life, u urself said I had a husband how is that imaginary? would u like me to provide divorce papers? or would u like me to have my fiance call u? Im fine with providing proof cuz unlike u I have nothing to hide. What r u hiding besides that ur over 18 dating a 14 yr old girl online that u have no future with? U have never shown a pic or any other type of proof. now whats really imaginary besides ur real life? Only cowards hide behind a pixel char or a computer screen.
  13. Thats a funny story brah u mad I can get a REAL man? and that u can only get cartoon girls? last time I talked to ur preteen gf she told me u hadnt sent her anything, no pics, and no proof of age. hows it feel to be a fugly pedo that can only get a pixel girl cuz no one in the real world wants ne thing to do with u? not even ur mother
  14. If thats the case u should stop using offensive words to ur elders and preteen girlfriends. In game u were talking about having sex with ur preteen gf. get a clue dumbazz. maybe u should grow up if u cant handle the "bad words" maybe ur rite in dating children instead of getting a REAL adult girlfriend thats close to ur age pedopie
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