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  1. Just logged on, was disconnected because the game realms were down. :facepalm:
  2. lel. I play kinda old school. 5 ball 5 heal 1 earth 3 blind 3 earthquake. Kinda good, kinda bad. lel
  3. I shouldn't have deleted my rogue yesterday. :facepalm:
  4. I'm trying to go back at the game because I miss my Shaman. :( But it says I cannot connect to the server. :(
  5. Warlock doesn't heal. Necro does. Lock's Life Drain is not enough to sustain a lock fighting healers for a long time. I think you should suggest lessen the life drained when a necro is healing/shielding. Sorry for bad english
  6. Yeah this is what he cigma means. My rating is already bad before the reset, now it became worse because of the guild-system they implemented. :sorry:
  7. I think now mostly locks when bds and rogues saw how a warlock rapes other classes.
  8. This game. The more you pay for mcoins, the less they get strict on you. Come on devs. Don't destroy your own rules. You said racism is not allowed and you banned many racist players yet Pvprange is doing it. In front of you. And this another rich dude from another server, isn't banned. I have screenies about pvprange being racist.
  9. I can't connect the past 3 hours. Does your server have problems? Can't you repair those? It's kinda annoying. My internet is provided by Etisalat(UAE). I want to play. I tried using on my phone, still can't. I connected the laptop I used to the router, still can't.
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