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[2015.04.28] Warspear Online 4.10. Artisans of arts. Release

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Warspear Online Update 4.10 will be available right after the restart of our game servers on Android, Symbian, iOS, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 8, Windows, Mac OS and Linux devices! Please note that the actual release for different platforms may vary.

Since ancient times, it was believed that jewelers were inspired by Gods. It has been said that Garaan first discovered gold ore and refined it in his fire. His brother, Nuadu dipped the shaft of his staff into the molten metal, and Harad – the hilt of his hammer. Twisting the gold wire, Harad made the first ring - and then forged many wondrous things, becoming the first jeweler of Arinar. Nuadu extended thin gold threads that were woven into a silk tunic and the first magic cloak was created.

Working with precious metals and fine fabrics, craftsmen produce things of striking beauty, with a resemblance to the work of the Heavenly brothers. Art, passed down from father to son, was magical. They were giving their creations not just the perfection of form, but also magical power. But those days are now forever in the past. Warriors and Wizards of Arinar appreciate elegant coats and jewelry, which provide beauty and power, and more and more of them are needed. The art of making amulets, rings and light coats can no longer remain the responsibility of such a small group.

In this update we have added three new professions: now you can start crafting accessories: rings, amulets and cloaks. Craft mechanics have been changed a little and some item’s values have been increased. We are sure that a lot of enthusiasts will embrace this useful deed. Work on the Warspear Online craft system is not over, we will add even more professions and more details to the mechanics. Follow our news, it’s going to be interesting.

New Pandas and Nyan Cats themed smilies will be added to the Miracle Shop, so everyone can collect sets of their choice and our game chat will be even more enjoyable.

We also added a lot of changes to the Guilds menu interface. It has became more informative, some sections were regrouped and managing information has become far more convenient.  

You can find more information about the biggest changes in our latest announcement, but before that, take a look at our list of additional changes.

Additional changes

Fixed bug with displaying excess lines of digits in the equipment menu.
Fixed doubled damage by Necromancer’s “Infection”

No threshold for new character creation of prevailing Alliance, if the player already has a character there.
New in-game messages reminding you about linking your account to the email and new field for checking your old password in change password menu.


And of course, all game characters, starting from the 10th level will receive our special presents:
5 Rookie's Craft Licenses and 5 Master's Craft Licenses.

That’s it for now!
See you in the game.

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Dont Remove Exchange System. How we sell or trade items? We can use dealer but they take 10% cost if sell, Please dont remove Exchange system.. its very useful

I said to block users for trying to exchange items/gold...it's annoying
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my shaman totem attack 400+ to all enemy players in a area but paladin banner attack less than 10 to all players in a area :D shaman best healers n damagers ;) ;)

Pala banner hit every one with min dmg 3 point

and totam only atk 1 person in its area of effect

what is the occasion to post something like this in update announcement :blush:

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nice update but we mcsaken side kinda need new expert skill man,,

i wish u guys devs team consider how unbalanced population n mc skills with elf side

it affected to territorie battle anyway


zZz shouldn't talk about skils.... yes will be added one more skill will be six expert skills... . so be patient... . at 26 opens one. . and last the 6th skill will be opened somwere t 28lvl or 30cap
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