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  1. 11.4.6 version have some installation issue, this version doesn't install in my device. Please fix it soon.
  2. My Suggestion is that, in the City of Ship Graveyard add a Ship(Need Guild To Enter) and a boat(no need guild) which we can craft. Level 1 only two peoples...and so on. So that we can travel on the water without going under the water. And we can stop anywhere and also jump off inside the water from ship or boat. In a Ship we can fight with cannons, catapult, etc...but in a boat we can't fight only we can sail. And in the New map of Almahad, add a Trojan Horse so that we can fight in the desert. We can hide inside and war.
  3. I agreed, so we need a special kind of potion that we can change character anytime. Example:- There were total 20 characters, we can change any of them.
  4. Hello Developers, Please move the city map of Ship Graveyard to this new map(Almahad). And add new town here(Ayvondil), which I posted pictures below. I was aspecting to release new town here. But it was at different location. This is the best location for new town. Just a simple map, neither water nor desert. Like Sacred Forest or Sky Islands no extra talent.
  5. Cloning apps is not include as third-party software because Both apps were same. Peoples do play dual because there were many characters to play. If there is only one character then people don't need to play dual. And also to do quest single character is not enough to earn gold, must need dual. Some peoples were very unlucky to get drops in dungeons also. So multi playing is must need those who were very unlucky and who were hard to earn gold. These multi window mode must stay.
  6. It will be better if three types of scroll or potion will be added to the game. 1. Attack potion & scroll 2. Defence potion & scroll 3. Support potion & scroll So that we can drink all three types of potion and scroll at a time.
  7. Hello Developers, can you add experience points in all raid bosses. Each boss give 1k experience points those who stay in area. Thank you.
  8. Can you please add portal at school, it's very long to walk. Or can add some monsters at school area so that we can suicide.
  9. I have spring dynamic BP missions, but still dynamic portal didn't open. Please restart the server. @LeeLoo@Dr Strange
  10. I have spring dynamic missions, but still dynamic portal didn't open. Please restart the server.
  11. Yes, again there is spring dynamic, spring dynamic takes 40min to complete. Gvg+Dg 3hr, quest 6hour maybe. Spring world event, guild event... etc OMG this is too much long.
  12. Blue quest is too much overloaded boring, 1 blue quest need 30 minutes to complete it. Go take quest... again coming back....again going back....too much walking....again collect items for quest...again report... finally at last Question Mark?. It's like Chosen map and Forsaken.
  13. World event " The Heart of the machine" please make this event only twice a day, but the buffs will stay for 24 hr. Three times event means get failed. GVG for free Dungeons:- Make this event very easy so that every guild can do free run. And the buff for free entry shall be activate system. So that we can activate anytime if needed. Thank you. Have a great day!
  14. Mace weapon have magic damage, please remove it. It's useless for warden. Thank you.
  15. When Unity Sign 50% discount will come to study for guild skills or guild upgrade to next level. It usually discount for less GP and less Gold needed. Give less Unity Sign is needed for upgrade guild level and skills. Thank You.
  16. Please remove all quest items in suprise chest. Thank You.
  17. Participating in raid bosses gets 60 points, but we didn't get. Please fix the bug. Thank you.
  18. Does the world events be extra extra? Legions side and Sentinel side, so that each sides can complete without failing each stages. Due to same time other side is completed but other side is not, so that the event will fail. Can be extra extra?
  19. Can we get extra number 3 Skill points new set. We already have number 1 and 2, Add number 3 for better experience.
  20. Hello Developers, i am colour blindness. Can I turn snow colour into black if any option available for next update. Thank You
  21. Please better remove all 20 characters, it will be balance, make it only one character. It uses only damages nor physically nor magically. Same powers, same skills, same gears, same weapons, no physical defence no magic defence only main defence. This will be the best character of the game.
  22. Please add mode system in Horror dungeons. Easy, normal, hard. Easy = Accessories, Normal = Weapon, Hard = Unique Accessories. There were many items in Dungeons and we get less drop
  23. Can Level 3 guild do Grotto and Ship. Reduce monster, hp and power for grotto, ship and ayvondil events. Reduce all incoming damage from monsters, and also number of monsters in any Ayvondil events for Level 3 guild. Thank you.
  24. Please remove horror raid bosses from battle pass mission. And also make it no pvp zone in horror raid bosses. Thank you. Change all horror bosses respawn time. Each respawn different time. Reduce respawn time too.
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