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  1. Please add Horse anywhere in map. So that we can travel fast. Walking take too much time to reach our destiny. Everybody can ride horse. Since this game is old style with magic, bow & arrows and spears or axe. Modern game have gun, car or train to travel. Horse riding will be fun.
  2. Please Add Reputation Points in daily Dungeon blue Quest.
  3. 1set seeker wasted. 1 set minion dead due to server lag *z*
  4. Please Fix Warden Skill Guard Fury. If 4/4 its duration is 9sec but it last long only 5 sec. Its not 9 sec. Fix it
  5. Impossible for warden to do down quest. Never ending blind and warden don't die ... Have to off for 2mins n relog
  6. 15x40sec=600sec(10 min) nobody can kill World boss in 10min. All players will be out of oxygen. Hahahahaha lol. So funny.........
  7. Mine 4 quest is cut off. Tp first, second,third and fourth teirs were completed need to report but it was removed
  8. And what about Blissful event....if failed in any stage will it activate within 5minutes. XD
  9. Jack

    DG Bug

    No Ice Valkyrie Appear in this area. We tried to go back but we cant go back and we went offline and tried to Find out that ice Valkyrie still didn't appear. We wasted many stamina and no chest was open because 7/8 killed. *z* In This Area No Ice Valkyrie
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