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  1. i installed the apk but update error when caching data still in progress
  2. i understand its testing new stuff before official server released,,but why giving some stuff like consumption relic for shaman in test server n then removing it in official server? devs shouldnt give something that will not be given in official server..its annoying because there is no detail info about which relic can be used on each skill and class in update released info.thats why we believe what was in test server will be in official server too... or maybe devs can make all class using all weapons they want in next test server only for "TESTING" and remove them in official server...
  3. peter.. why soo many different thing between official server n test server,,, shaman can use relic consumption which giving chance stone skin on earth protection in test server but cant use it in official server.. n many other relic shaman can use in test n not in official server.. whats the point if we can use it on test but not in real server... giving a hope for good change n then broke them down
  4. omg test server is off when i just done installing client... 10 mins is too short mrs.daria... will it be online again today? come on miss,i didnt try test server since first version.....
  5. 15:00 cest is now,, test server is online ma'am?
  6. we cant use 2 same type of relic in 1 skill?. i saw amplify option in relic attack type window in second screenshot on your post above,,so relic attack type can be upgraded/amplified?
  7. whats green,red n purple color on corner relic icon means? "+" on relic icon means can amplify the damage of skills? "↑" whats that icon means?
  8. test server will be online again when game server stop for update process?
  9. overpopulated bd and druids shows how overpowered them are...thats why many people playing it... ~based on true story~
  10. u saying this and you have op rogue or not? have you tried fight againts op bd with your rogue or not?how long you play bd in a day? how long you play rogue in a day? if you spent more time in bd in 1 day it mean your self agree that bd is worth to play more than a rogue much in your day. if you dont have a rogue like your example it doesnt works because you are one of them who play firstborn char which dont know how the feel being a Legion side
  11. and she still thinking druid is overpowered even she is a firstborn player too (a bd) but no devs noticed it
  12. and she still thinking druid is overpowered even she is a firstborn player too (a bd) but no devs noticed it
  13. and she still thinking druid is overpowered even she is a firstborn player too (a bd)
  14. 1 stun? which skills from shaman can be called as stun? rogue still can jump and catch shaman while being eartquaked,enemy still can cast their skill while being earthquaked...this what u call as a "stun"??? take a look how root druid n forest song druid works,,, its a STUN shaman dont have a stun unlesh devs fix this earthuake to become a real stun like rogue gouge,necro nightmare,warlock circle,barb charge,dk sharp shadow,bd sprint effect,mage stun,priest stun,pala stun area,and all druid stun skills *z*
  15. are you noticed that this young girl complaining about druid like us too ?? :! or you want we use logic like julie to play bd? wew told you guys secret messages from devs is "play bd or gtfo from the game"
  16. its a fact sir peterlike what i said you should play another class and try compare with firstborn classes in all situation. Dungeons,seals,2x2,5x5,boss raid,anything... and try check youtube too... there soo many proves that druid and bds are overpowered...
  17. many people hate bds bruh,,,developers always makin firstborn class char more powerfull than other... they were making ranger are greatest one before expert skills come and now they making druid n bd unbeatable
  18. and good developers should know why good players mad...players : buyer game developers : seller nobody will buy your stuff if u dont serve the buyers well... atleast you should know what the buyers want
  19. i doubt that devs really know abot what "balance" means
  20. normal hp with full amount? can u explain the detail in number? or we should waste 40k gold to find this skill is a crap?
  21. no point in comparing rogue and bd?then what u means with "balance" word? i know need unique class or system in a game but making 1 of class in game become more powerfull than the other class its soo rude... u can make unique class with different weapon style or something instead of making 1 of them (BD) become a God
  22. "for a period time" means hp amount will be back to the last hp amount before activating skill when skill effect is end? like before using skill my hp was 1000/4000 n when using skill become 5000/5000 n then when skill end my hp become 1000/4000 again?
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