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  1. I'm wondering if anyone can give me, or lead me, to some help. Is using skills cooldown good or bad? Is it mainly a pvp attribute or is it good for pve aswell? -Is it class dependant? Meaning, is it good only for a specific class? -Is it worth the sacrifice of other attributes like crit etc. Detailed answer would be appreciated.
  2. As the name suggests, a way for people to choose what arenas they want to go in instead of having to 'apply for all' or just go into 1 of them. Here's the concept: So when a player demands, a signal is shown on that screen that they have signed up for that particular arena mode. This just replaces the old 'remove demand' button that just removes all of the demands completely. Why? Self explanatory; Not everyone wants to go in all the arenas at once, and not everyone just wants to do one of them either. not really that important right now but It can also be useful once 3x3 comes ba
  3. This is just a compilation of suggestions/fixes/improvements I've had for a while now. I can't be bothered justifying them as they are small and many of them so common sense is key. In no particular order… 1. Remove/Refresh/Unpin extremely old/irrelevant pinned topics in the forum Especially in the 'general' section 2. Allow players to INTO CHAT items from their own equipment screen Not sure why it was disabled in the first place 3. Remove: "This item cannot be sent into the world chat" message when trying to use INTO CHAT It happens when trying to use INTO CHAT whilst in world chat
  4. yeah i wouldn't want the same drops from previous chests, especially if it triples the chance of getting garbage. maybe if bosses drop them?
  5. yeah they probably wont remove timed dungeons for an obvious reason. Although they might add a mode of dungeon that isn't timed; just like the new solo-dungeon concept. reminds me of this suggestion: http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/32497-tower-mode-survival/?hl=survival+mode I would've loved to see this in the game earlier. It seems both fun and challenging!
  6. im assuming you mean a way for players to see guild lists by pressing on a guild name? 1. if a player clicks on a guild name from the chat, they can be transferred to the member list (just as if they were looking at their own guild). 2. or something like: menu>interact>view guild (if the player is in a guild already); instead of the 'invite to guild' button, i wouldn't mind something like this!
  7. I'm, sort of, happy with current bag system but I do kinda agree;the system needs a Lil refinement.
  8. Love it. So long as the chance isn't high. And maybe the damage can be reduced by half at least. I agree on retribution ruining new expert skills but that never really bothered me that much anyway^^.
  9. Admins said you gotta swipe up from the bottom (or swipe down from the top) to get your navigation controls to exit the game. I also don't really like, or get why, they removed the exit button either but meh.
  10. Apparently, administration said that predictive text and other advanced text controls were removed due to requests by Google. I miss it too but we just have to get used to it I guess. As for the errors with your keyboard I suggest: 1- reset your keyboard; or remove the previous things you had like predictive text, auto spacing etc. in keyboard options. The current settings you have may be conflicting with the changes. 2. If there's still problems just download a keyboard from the Play Store and just wait until developers fix it for your keyboard specifically I guess.
  11. Is the constant prompt to connect to google play games fixed yet? If not, can it be? Not all of us want to do it, saying no once is enough.
  12. Quick suggestion: if a player wants to leave the battle early, they must use tickets to leave. Gets annoying when people just leave the temple just because we have tough opponents or we are losing...
  13. If it helps, just like the meelee attribute, players should now gain +1 magic in coordinance with their level after the update. [source: test server. Whether or not it will come to regular clients... I'm not sure but positive] But yeah I agree, ferocity might cause some problems in the long run.
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