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  1. akansha

    bugs v3.0

    I think stun skill and dark skill of deathknight r not working. Lvl 1 = lvl 5 not practical change. Pls cheak it out.
  2. Aww i can feel ur pain lvl 14 players. Gms do something soon.
  3. Ty kuz, ty judges. I didnt have words what to say. Ty again :)
  4. I will take away poor souls of these choosen because in saya. Im crusader
  5. Ty zetta :) my heart is full of dark.im a bad girl lol. So ill play forsaken maybe warlock may on us server. It depend on sam which server he joins i join there too. Lol
  6. omg mene to kabi socha he nai ke ek ghada itni acchi story likh sakta he. Now im jealous of u all grrr. Any way thats nice :good:
  7. :clapping: awesome. When ever i saw stories of u all friends im kinda jealous. I hope u win :yahoo:
  8. Yeah iron u r absolutely right :lol: :lol:
  9. Clapping. Im jealous of ur story.bahut pyaari he :)
  10. Ty sisi. Sach batana tumhe hansi to jarur aayi hogi. Sab soch rahe honge ke me pagal hu. :lol:
  11. Lol kos u too highly amplified. I know 2 mohths earlier ur every equipment were +7. After 2 month may be +9. Before amplify update i used to be in top 10 but now top 50 :facepalm: i can show u my items are +2 lol.
  12. U stupids where is my name im the boss of all mcs. The greatest rouge ever :yahoo: Lol the name given abore are those who are highly amplified and no skillfull except tonydark. just power of money no skills they have.
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