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  1. Helló Hogyan változtathatom meg az e-mail címet a játékhoz?
  2. last year halloween update took 4 hours, this years about 5.. last year winter update took 2:30h, where all good workers this years?
  3. i bored. i already wached 2 movies... Southpaw (2015) and road within. Really nice movies.
  4. but i many times saw that many people which was blocked permamently, now unblocked, i know that i did wrong and i dont do it again.
  5. Dear Sir or Madam, I want you to ask about blocked account. After 10mounths ago my necromancer have been blocked. I know what i did wrong. I read all rules again. And im very sorry what im done. But i really want play this game again and my friends want it too. My account blocked 10mounts and maybe after this long time possible to unblock account? My friends want that i play again this game, but my char is blocked, also i want waste some money for miracle coins. Is there chance to unblock account? I never do something against rules again. I just want to get back my char. I cant do everythink to get account unblocked. And 1 more think sometimes i write to support about unblovking, but they not reply me, i dont know why. Please help me. Thank you.
  6. pauuliuus3


    My facebook was deleted and there was binded warspear. where is other method how can unbind warspear from facebook? Sorry my english bad.
  7. hello everyone. Today i want to sell my arcane legends account so i need to give gmail for succesful trade but my warspear account is in same gmail so i cant trade. is it possible to unbind gmail from warspear account?
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