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  1. Before livi. But for now its awesome if use bd woth axe. Hehehe many critisize that issue
  2. All conversation i read is more jelous to the bd's. Guys just try to amp make ur character o.p then if ur not afford just shut up no offend All online games expense real money to become stronger thats life LONGLIVE AIGRIND.
  3. Nice event update for holloween keept it up. LONGLIVE AIGRIND.
  4. i have a question on the windows. Why is it not compatible my phone is nokia lumia 720 it is not compatible in my phone?
  5. Because many players know that if u try the ayvondil pvpcave more space x3 in nadir pvpcave
  6. For me is ayvondil pvpcave if u see the space is too big then the respawn is near.
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