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The end, for me.


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First off I just want to leave a message to the mods or admins, if you read this topic, please.

Could you guys permanently ban me from the forums. It's not that I hate the game, I love it, especially the community - Friends, Strangers and especially the Developers. But personal/life issues have forced me to leave it, for good, I guess. I've already deleted my in-game characters, so that's already done. You might think that I might be overreacting, but I'm dead serious. I want to put my Warspear life aside, it has already brought me so many ups, I don't want to waste it on one simple down, that's all I can say.

Thank you so much and good luck to you in your future and this wonderful game.


Well, you probably already heard that I have quit the game 6 months ago, deleting all my characters.

This was once again due to personal problems, it's a wonderful game and if I didn't have problems I would definitely still be playing this game together with my irreplaceable friends and friends I have soon yet to meet.

Now here I am saying my final farewell.

It's time to move on and fix my life. I can't just let my own sorrow drown me and wash away everything my friends, family and even myself have made, I don't want to waste this gift they all gave me.

So yeah, I'm done here. No more shells, it's time to focus on the future.


I just want to thank some people here before I go. This will probably my last post here, so.


First of all, thank you Developers for a wonderful game. It started dull though it grew to be unique, it may not be perfect but that's impossible to be. It may have sucked some from your wallets but let's face it, most of the games are mainly made for money, you don't expect people to spend most of their days making something all-free to alot of people, just for entertainment, yes they make it for fun but just like all of us, we need money. They have a family just like us and I doubt they own a money tree, try to understand. But I do think you guys should tone down those price tags a bit though, heh.

Keep the game running and good luck to you all in the future.


And the biggest thank you to my friends at ABC, who were like a family to me.

I may have been the leader most of the time, but it was the members who took care of me.

None of you really know who or how I really am, but I doubt any of us know each other that personally, plus I might be a little shy, hehe.

But you guys shaped me to who I am today, and I owe you guys a lot for this. I won't mourn over despair and I'll try to be more positive.

I'll never forget you guys, thanks for all the memories and for being there for me. It was a pleasure.

I'll definitely treasure it. I love you all. Good luck to you all and the guild.


To all the friends I have met and even the people I don't know.

Thank you all, keep this game alive. And good luck to everyone.


This isn't the last time you'll hear from me. You guys know where to find me, on Whatsapp. If not, then you know the people to ask.


This is my farewell to this wonderful game,

Goodbye Warspear.


                                                                        Sincerely, Jamie / Shitzo

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Goodbye, was always fun to watch you stalk that long list of girls (mainly agusia),

The laughs and drama was endless, the photoshop and lies though got a little out of hand..



The most mature ABC leader, will be missed.



in the end, this is just a game, never let it affect reality, return one day if we noobs still play, the mighty mercurial will always be welcome.

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Farewell and best of luck my friend. I will always remember you as Jamie but Mercurial as a rogue. We had some great runs together and as always they were always great because of you. You always kept the guild alive with your humor and simple conversations. Without you the chat is mainly dead. Go away and don't look back. We're always here if you need a friend and you're always welcomed but you're making a good choice.  You should never let this get between real life. After all this IS just a game. For entertainment purposes only



Maybe we see each other on the Darkzeid

LoL username  ;D



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Yea..the end, ghey.

Most of us know each other in game and other stuff of our own life , our guild , our family made in a game yea much love laugh and dramas since years im glad of meet people like you and all abc even alot of people from around the world I forget to say in my "quit topic"

Youre a shy bastard xD K  right some things are more important than this game, gave us much but became in a little shit.

btw , probably since I left game I stoped to talk with most of you guys is normal Im so lost, tired , really busy, no time, but I dont forget , I wish some day talk, who knows if in years, just take care :)


Bye jamie , abc , haters and lovers , aigrind.


Time for think in the future.

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