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  1. elfs will always be the enemy for the original mc
  2. Yes give druids 4 skills that disable skills, 3 to small number, not fair just root movement melee to strong druid hard kite gg water > lightning = disable skill root = disable skill forest song = disable skill 3 not enough give 4. 2 heals not enough now shaman has two heals gg, no fair give 3 heals. nerf barbs to much cc gg
  3. Not just the 3, "E/N" that i mark is also faded, everywhere the darker part from "AOA" overlap faded the numbers or letter. So it wasn't deliberately to edit the 3 to look like a increased amount, but a result of the stupid AOA watermark flag on the video, although the watermark is only on that video makes it suspicious, still could be fake as two admins claim but unless they checked the account, doubt it could be said just by looking at the video.
  4. ISIS hide among civilians, obviously there will be collateral damage and only ISIS are to blame, more Muslims have died due to ISIS than "the infidels" The difference between Middle East deaths and Europeans, USA and allies are not directly targeting innocents in public places on purpose, but the terrorists that hide among them. ISIS target random people in Europe, weak and unarmed woman in restaurants, men, children, not soldiers in a war zone. It's not a war, just psychopathic killing for short lived glory, eventually they will invade all cities they occupy and another Arab group will be in control, either changing or repeating the process.
  5. Cause you mentioned the forbidden sex tape
  6. Share the whole forum's IP address too, Something hidden in the topic that nobody can see.
  7. Go back to eating apples, and stay away from robots
  8. Never revealed a single WhatsApp conversation to the forum, find one that I shared about someone else.
  9. That's cruel, revealing people's private conversations to the world.
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