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    ban this guy

    omg hahaha I want to make this guy my friend that is so funny hahahaha
  2. Have been thinking about this for a while, what will work for big scale pvp? I have come to the conclusion, no big scale wars will not be successful unless there are complete skill reworks. As is atm a team of 20 warlocks WILL win every sort of big scale pvp event as there is no AoE CAP, in warspear it would seem pretty pointless to make put an AoE cap in right? well yes its right, a way around this is to add some kind of stun breaker that gives immunity for set amount of seconds as even with an AoE cap of 5 (example) these 20 locks will mix with 20 shamans (who will also have a aoe cap of 5) and dominate any location for practically ever. My opinion is to keep things small, simple and fast. do not have these control points in the main land as it will cause a lot of chaos for 1 faction. Keep it to a instanced capture the flag OR first to 50 deathmatch battles - do not make faction wide buffs for these type of milestones keep them as "my team wins, each player in my team gets 2hour buff" I think a DEATHMATCH will be seen as the most fun "minigame" that will hit warspear if it ever will, even 25 vs 25 - first to 250 kills would be very successful if not more so then adding some sorts of control points in the mainlands... Pretty much any MOBA type minigame wont work well in its current state and to think about changing things to allow for MOBA type gameplay will take TOO much WAY TOO MUCH time, Save headaches and make simple "** vs **, first to *** deathmatch" with Kill Death ratio - overall rankings - faction rankings - class rankings
  3. I want to have sex with you.
  4. he can wipe his ass and his face at the same time :rofl:
  5. Why would you like to join me my love? :blush:
  6. :shok: haha Malek :spiteful: would you like to please me :spiteful:
  7. good stuff, hope it is possible for Eva to obtain it back. It has been a rough mental journey for her :good:
  8. keep an eye out for this account on sale in upcoming thief magazines!! in sores tomorrow.
  9. hey roland someone just hacked an ABC members account today with just the ID known, scary huh! im sure if u check the support tickets u will find a lot about it.
  10. Yea I actualy feel sorry for TheCore who really almost got 3rd place but GREEDY sir Hassn yet again ruined the fun for.. well.. everyone. Then he gets Congratulations x 3.
  11. Oh well off to ff7 On another note :good: a new record for most online ever. For a skill update hahaha
  12. Well im happy about my rogue finaly can close the distance in pvp, but we wait this long for an update and now .... wait for a real update
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