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  1. those are tasty when deep fried with some chili sauce https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQOcole4wOb2XpJ0rq6Xf6_GsTwqDytYQ8nshFEH7XyAnGLNkSZo8rKSJ4
  2. thanks for the info bloody. ill try it on my warrior.
  3. any tips on how i can play warrior as tank (keep the aggro on him)? only pala seems to tank the most effective
  4. I dont think its fair but the reality is that people will do that. I dont expect them to act honorably everytime and thats fine with me. I think regardless of their reason drawing a fight is a tactic to mess up with your opponents game. And with the detailed examples you provided I think youve experienced this once or maybe more. I respect and understand your opinion but in the end people in the internet will always find a way to piss others off their game regardless of the new/old rules imposed on them.
  5. how can it beneficial? If you lose on arena its either the guy has way better amped gear than you or he is just way smarter for you. It only means its time to move on and formulate a new strategy. Im sorry but you really do sound like butthurt when youre calling draw bull and talking about its effect on ratios.
  6. why are u guys so butthurt about losing ratio? if u cant catch the guy and the match is drawn just move on. and both parties lose so who cares? some people say that arena rating is useless but then gets butthurt by people who draw.
  7. hmm, if deducted from your account try to get the transaction ID and send email to MOL support. Otherwise if you were not deducted just try again on different platform/browser maybe?
  8. Its just arena rating. If u ask me I would say it should be counted as a loss because the whole point when u enter arena is to annihilate the opposing party so when both of the teams failed on doing that, it means they both loss. You get what I mean junior?
  9. maybe you forgot to write in your password again on the black textbox thingie? you have to do it twice.
  10. yea dk has the most potential to be the real tank because of 4 damaging skills including 2 taunts. also don't underestimate deathcall its pretty good for uncloaking rogues and preventing players from running away. :good:
  11. you mean the first ones to abuse the dq bug?
  12. this is just a contest, why are some people taking it too seriously and being bitter. :facepalm: anyway, one of the finalists kinda looks like this guy: Anders Behring Breivik
  13. buying SD Mace or Lvl 19 Mace. Pm me here on forum. thanks! EU-Emerald MC side
  14. how do you guys unlock the 2nd slot for crafting? I'm pretty sure I've already did more than 20 tasks yet it will not unlock. Does it have to be weapons or are the resources crafting also counted? :wacko:
  15. the crazy guy was right all along ;D
  16. spear + full astral = big heal and damage. now 1 handed mace paladins useless. :facepalm:
  17. THIS. probably add it as an effect from the 2 barb damage skills
  18. Nah. I just visit the forums from time to time. Toukiden on vita has me on its grip :D
  19. Bye Merc! Best of luck! :drinks:
  20. we'll most paladin i see on eu wears HE. but in my opinion it depends on what your style of playing is. some people raise their defensive stats (defence, block, dodge, parry) to the highest possible and some just wears full arena set (full arena set is best if you dont have cash for lvl18 gears). with weapon though i wouldve to say arena mace is still the best because it has crit and resil. the only downside is accuracy which you can get from enchants.
  21. probably. they're really hardcore there. i remember back when it was just ranks they were the first to reach rank5 and to get and post BG drops
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