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  1. I downloaded the apk from Homepage and transfered it to my Android device, installed it and when i log in game it says that my current Version is outdatet. ( V. 4.7.0 ) Is there a new Version out yet?
  2. It was possible for mobiles too. ( 2 Years ago ) I dont know why devs changed that.
  3. Havn't played this game for months. After i read about the update i thought to give it a try again. What should i say..... After 20 Days of doing new dungeons and killing sandro ( with my 4 characters ) i only got a lvl 22 belt and a damn favonys suit. Now i know why i left Warspear months ago because playing 5-6 hours each day for getting just Cookies and Cocktails is a waste of time.
  4. I should Log after a long time to check the game. Seems to be a nice Update.
  5. SYMBIAN USERS ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!! Devs cant make WS better for Symbian because the Symbian system cant run better. Also older Android Versions like 2.3 or below will have Problems soon. Dont complain to Devs because you have an outdated System that even isn't supported anymore. ( Same like PPl who wanna Play newest PC Games on a Windows NT System ) IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!
  6. Pay your Provider Bills ASAP!!!!!
  7. LVL 4 Banner, more you dont need anymore
  8. Goodbye Kaan. Good luck with searching Gays in real life
  9. luleee

    The end, for me.

    Goodbye Mr. Strawberry Colada. Wish u all the best in your life. Thx for the time we played together.
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