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Stun or Rage?


Rage, I'm more often go to dungeon



Why are homosexuals hated? Are asexuals part of LGBT? Is sexuality genetical or developed or both or unknown or something?

-Some people (mostly beside Western Countries) think it's unusual sex behaviour. Every places have different moral value,  and it have been passed through generation, some of those place have a mind set that homosexual is a amoral activities. And it's looks like western civilization said to people from those places "your culture is bad, go change like our culture, it's more civilized! freedom for everyone!" It doesn't simply change culture that been passed through centuries.

-I guess not

-(based on personal opinioni, no hate) Genetical if there is some kind mutation that make a person change gender naturally, in my opinion it is developed (culture, knowledge, religion, etc,). It's based on culture in your place, in throuh all history of my country there is no valid evidence that my ancestors doing homosexual activities until westernization came. If you want to know more go ask Prof. Oak.




Your favorite starter pokmeon? Pick 3 pokemon starter from all generation (fire, grass, water)

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Very bad.



Is it really true that western civilization is one of the cause of homosexaulity? How about China? They have records of homosexaulity since ancient times. So, when you live on a city or with many people, some become homo or bi. In ancient rome, they also have records of homosexaulity in ancient times. Do population cause homosexaulity? I haven't heard that there's a homosexual in a small isolated tribe. What I mean is, homosexaulity is not needed or does not develop in small populations.

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It's mocking the stereotypical hillbilly or redneck American patriot who, due to their accent (right word?) pronounces "America" as "'Murica." It's usually said when something about America is mentioned, whether it's good or bad.




Who's the person you hate will do the walk of shame like Cersei Lannister?

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Yes, and that's why you know nothing Nosotraes snow


-didn't know there were other thrones watchers, I can finally use my not so subtile references, you better be there to read em alarak.



What current item or technology do you wish YOU invented?

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Spoiler alert: Haven't seen the episode yet, doesn't air until 7hrs from now in the uk, but they've been giving her lines like "I'll burn cities to the ground" etc it was obvious that the moment she learned about the wildfire under king's landing she would use it. I don't think it was right to use it, but for her it was probably the only way out. Destroy the Sept or lose everything.



Ketchup or mayonnaise?

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