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Soooo $300,000 or $53 million. Being the untrusting person that I am, I would probably settle for the 10k a day, because at least then I would get a good amount straight off the bat, and if am getting scamped i would know after 1 day instead of 15 days later.



What's the secret ingredient to your special noodle soup?

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I've heard of a homeless man who would pretend to be a thief so that he would be sent to prison and get free food and health care. So it's a win win if I steal.



If you ruled the world what would you have the people call you?

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I haven't seen civil war but i'll bet on my life that it isn't as shit as dawn of justice, at first I though people were just being picked and complaining for no reason but now I know, the only good part about that movie was the clip they showed of how Cyborg came to be.. and maybe the aquaman clip.



Would you rather be loved or feared?

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