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Idk cause I didnt ask to be. I believe it has more to do with some skills that you have to fill a need than if you are "anyone" or "someone". If you could choose a new moderator/administrator/supporter...etc, who would it be? 



I'd give anything to see Noso answering support tickets for one day ..haha

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When you wanna poop but someone still use the toilet, dunno why but time become slower at that time.



If money didn't matter, what creature you want to see between Yeti and Bigfoot ?

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Let's see...


- Similar hair and hair color

- Changed your skin color from black to white :o

- Severeal nose operations

- Both using makeup

- Not smiling in the fotos

- Thin

- Women

- Were in court because of child abuse

- Michael Jackson Julie Pamela Fyodor Jackson

Are all these similarities ok?



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Niantic is known for mass banning cheaters in Ingress for using fake gps to play the game, a player recently posted on the sub that he got banned for doing just that on pokemon go, so use it at your own risk.




Favourite time of day?

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Fictional: Sephiroth (FFVII) with his theme song (One Winged Angel) always give me goosebump. Notable mention: Joker, Hisoka, and Kefka Palazzo also badass villain. "Good" villains make you don't  want him to be killed.


Historical: Genghis Khan, he didn't want dominate or rules the world. He only trampled anything in front of him. From China to the Arabia land in west.  rekt




Spoon or fork?

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