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New outfits and skins designs by Kiligour

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Hello everyone!

Here i would show You an announcement of my new project for Warspear.

It's mainly about weapons and equipment for level 22+ designed by myself.

The new equipment is made of dark steel, mysterious metal found in the deepest caves of Arinar.

I will show You full project soon and now take a look on first pics.

Share Your opinion. If You have any suggestions just write here!

(This project is made for fun so please don't take it serious) ;)


Опубликованное фотоОпубликованное фотоОпубликованное фото

Опубликованное фотоОпубликованное фотоОпубликованное фото

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Very good job man! I love them! those equipment can be released in the next area of Ayvondil in a new dungeon if they were going to make one.


Maybe you would like to share your idea here.


Good luck for more man!

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I like the staff alot, but the.....uhm....sword...looks a little bit like a huge dildo.  :crazy:



At first i was like " wth is he on about?" then took a second look and laughed.. surely that ahem.. would hurt.



;D This is the first version, i will improve it later.




Just change the tip of the sword mate and it would look a lot less like a.. well.. you know.  ;D

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Hello Everyone!

Finally I show You my project in one piece!

But first, I want to thank all people who helped me, especially my friend, Spartiata.


Ok, lets start!


The Dark Steel Equipment

In the deepest caves of Arinar was found new strange metal dark as night and light as a feather. The best smiths from the world can produce with it deadly weapons and sturdy armors. But this equipment it's not easy to get, it's for the best heroes of the Arinar!


I designed new decorative skins and outfits which can be added in future updates.

Here are the pics!


Darl Steel Blade

Опубликованное фото

Dark Steel Dagger

Опубликованное фото

Dark Steel Axe

Опубликованное фото

Dark Steel Mace

Опубликованное фото

Dark Steel Shield

Опубликованное фото

Dark Steel Crossbow

Опубликованное фото

Dark Steel Labrys

Опубликованное фото

Dark Steel Greatsword

Опубликованное фото

Dark Steel Scepter

Опубликованное фото

Dark Steel Spear

Опубликованное фото

Dark Steel Bow

Опубликованное фото

Dark Guardian's Armor

Опубликованное фото

Dark Assassin's Armor

Опубликованное фото

Shadow Master's Robe

Опубликованное фото

(cloak is the part of outfits)

Опубликованное фото



At the end I want to thank You all for nice words and opinions, without You I couldn't make these pics! Together we can change the future of Warspear. If You like this idea, write a comment here and say YES to developers. (I added a poll to this topic)

This is my first project but maybe not the last one.


Thanks for everything!

See You in game!

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