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  1. Now WP has this... 10 notifications at the same time.
  2. I'll answer to a few of the questions 2. Yes, accessories 50-150k & armors usually 20-80k, weapons 60-300k. (22-24 lvl items don't seem to have four bonuses) 3. It can be used multiple times on a target while the skill is active. 5. Four expert skills, nine slots. You can have a hotkey for every skill, but you won't have space for pots. 6. (Not an answer) and in dungeons you'll attract every monster's attraction and possibly die. 10. MCs forever ! In elf side it's really easy to find helpers, do cl (except lake sometimes), buy everything. (Never compared chats.) But, well, mc has AoA. And mc is cooler. Decide yourself. 15. Deep Lord's gears are always good + there'll possibly be new, higher level craft tasks in the future. 16. Why not? 17. It is. 18. I doubt. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Edit: Corrected some prices and thought again about poison
  3. Snowman, in the 2nd pic, khm is right. It's a vocable, like cough. Instead, budy should be busy.
  4. I recently got a new phone, a Nokia Lumia 930 (OS Windows Phone 8.1). I downloaded Warspear, and tried it with that device. The draggable and scrollable areas (chat, map, quest dialogs, ratings, other lists) were very laggy. Is there any solution to end this? (WS was the only active application and sounds were turned off)
  5. Is it? I have two expert skills, and would have a third if I hadn't bought extra bags and signs. And I'm a 'normal player'. Though it would be better if they were only 30k. Even creating a guild is cheaper (30k+8k) than buying an expert skill!
  6. If you understand Russian, check this http://ws-db.ru/db.php (almost) every gear of the game
  7. If there's only one lvl 5 guild, they wouldn't even need to compete! Auto-wins every week! I don't like that. [spoiler=And in eu...]there's only one lvl 5 guild which has(sn) already won over 30 tournaments.
  8. Bows with magical attack?! Maybe rangers' new expert skill is something magical.... or necros will be able to use bows.
  9. Doesn't WS already have two (three?) lvl 13 wing capes? __________________________________________________ [spoiler=Or if you meant...]Not for flying. People (or elves) shouldn't fly.
  10. I can't recognise that third bonus. Either I've become blind or it's something I've never seen before.
  11. I try to be clearer Ayvondil map looks cut up. Instead of seeing the cut up version in the map, I'd like if we saw a non-cut up version. [spoiler=Something irrelevant]I don't like the way the word 'cut' inflects.
  12. 1. Complete Six Shadows 2. Complete a quest line in Norlant Swamps (Echo of Centuries, Vitold's Pain, Ravva's Power) 3. Complete Gatekeeper's Casket quest Guide to swamp quests (quoting's a bit hard with mobile) http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=87137.msg533866#msg533866
  13. In Godgorrath map the hills are not cut, in Ayvondil, they are.
  14. This is quite small suggestion and it's completely visual. In Ayvondil, there are few locations next to the sea that we can't see. Neither does our map show them. The most notable of these is the location with Astromancer's Hall. The hill there is just cut. Compare this to the Godgorrath map: there the areas we can't reach are shown in the map. Here is a Google translate of my suggestion (It's poor, I know): Ayvondilissa have some direct line coastlines. For example. Astromancer's Halls slot, its own entrance to the hall on the left side is one of the hill. It seems to continue to the other side of the screen, but if you look at the map, it does not continue. However, Godgorrathissa, the mountains, which extend to the other side of the screen, shown on the map as a whole. Of the proposal, therefore, is that we would see Ayvondilin the right shoreline cleaved instead.
  15. Really? I found only the suggestion to make sd weapons strong again. Nothing else. ok, damage bonus wasn't the best of my ideas, maybe bonuses like speed and parry are better.
  16. I completely forgot about 2h weapons! That's why staff guys should be able to use 1h magic stuff and rangers 1h cbows (can't find links to these suggestions).
  17. Not sure if this's been suggested before, I only read first three pages of search results. --What is a set weapon?-- Set weapons work like set armors. If you use two weapons (or a shield) from the same set, you get an additional bonus. There wouldn't be two set bonuses because using four weapons at the same time is a bit impossible. --Aren't these too op?-- No, otherwise you'd say kw gear, for example, is too op. (And remember, these have only one bonus.) --Examples-- * You equip 2x [Valariya's Dagger], so you'll get a set bonus of 30 physical damage. * You equip a [blade of Heroic Endurance] and a [shield of Heroic Endurance], so you'll get a set bonus of 3% block. The numbers are just examples.
  18. Those 15lvl items from Nadir are hard to get buyable, you'll need to have 'friendly' status with Chainless League. And only 2/4 of the set can be bought there, so you'll have to farm or buy the others. The price of the 17lvl gear varies between 1k and 10k. If you don't need to save Crimsons, buy 16lvl gear from Nadir. They're almost as good as 17lvl:s and a bit better than those 15lvl items from Nadir (except they don't have set bonuses). I never bought 15 items except for arena sword and an armor.
  19. 19.9.2014 - Legion side, Leeward Island, Ingolv (after server restart - Tractate)
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