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  1. Hint: It is useless to struggle about DK skills here. Want some of Dev's attention? Go to russian forum, opinions seems to have more value there.
  2. Confirms your ignorance, was just showing how it works, read the sentence properly, understanders will understand. Or just live in your own ignorance.
  3. not really, point is, at some point the % will barely be noticeable, 10k defense? pretty much same % as 7k defense. i don't have that much of an op defense to show but someone with one can confirm. At least now you know what the 5k def mark is. and 7k or 20k defense won't make a difference if the % doesn't go higher.
  4. Everyone understood, but talking about this thing: a) 1550 def = 19.2% def b ) 2435 def = 27.2% def c) 3505 def = 35% def d) 4635 def = 41.6% def - 885 defense diference between a and b, b gives 8% higher defense than a. - 1070 defense diference between b and c, c gives 7.8% higher defense than b. - 1130 defense diference between c and d, d gives 6.6% higher defense than c. The defense % slowly stops to go higher as you increase the defense itself, and after the 5k mark it gets more noticeable.
  5. true, 5k mark confirmed. 3k defense getting this 55% upgrade is good, confirmed. activating skill only when you are are under 700 hp or so... well, one normal attack and one basic strong attack, you are dead. skill useless as it is, confirmed. dk dealing tons of damage...needs tons of amp because skillwise, only one basic skill, steel hurricane and sharp shadow (maybe after the 'upgrade', didn't see the results) do some damage, exalation and call of death only do minimum damage. forgot to add, but the regen on it, lvl 1 - x4, lvl 2 - x4, lvl 3 - x6, lvl 4 - x8 (according to the russians) is good, still, activating when you are near dead is useless tho.
  6. More damage power to Blade Dancer (supposedly tank), more Stun to Druid... Gives Death Knight's dark shield to Barbarian in the form of a passive skill. Old saturation throw back at Death Knight again, now passively and activating when your hp reaches "you are dead" levels. Update for the lolz. Be back again next year. (Shaman healing totem is a good one tho)
  7. and this class still running OP wild see warspear in 2016 if still exists. bye
  8. no need to make it easier but increase dungeon time, is nearly impossible to finish it in 10 minutes. it is HARD level after all, so give it 15 minutes. (isnt 15 the default for hard level?)
  9. is not too hard to figure out how. died 1st time within 20 secs as well lol but second time, done.
  10. The title says it all. Make this expert skill passively active all the time when it is learned by the death knight.
  11. is not nerfing, is balacing the skill. it was made more powerfull than others when paladin had as main weapon the 1 hand mace, so with the 1 hand weapon damage they could have the same damage increase as a 2 hand weapon dk and barb and bd with their 2 swords. now that paladins go with spears... well, it just surpass other tanks first damage skill by 100+ taking in consideration they have the same physical damage. there is no need for purifying skill to be this strong anymore.
  12. yes, belt is nice but i was hoping for this as well. some good armor set, 4 enchants + bonuses. can't it happen?
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