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  1. What about vampirism runes? They have 100% successful enchant or depend?
  2. Hello I'm back in warspear I was bored and i made this. Who played prince of persia?
  3. I don't know, i have no ideas for outfits at the moment
  4. Hi I finished playing WS a long time ago... but when i was searching my warspear screenshots i found one uncompleted outfit... so i finished it. I called it "Griffin Warrior" but i think it could have another better name
  5. Witam wszystkich Wiele osób szuka alternatywy do WS-a to i ja dołożę swoje 3 grosze Polecam Wam grę Drakensang Online, gram w nią już od dłuższego czasu więc mogę co nieco o niej opowiedzieć. Jak pewnie się domyślacie jest to MMORPG. Niestety nie jest to gra na tablety czy smartfony. Jest to gra przeglądarkowa (więc wymaga javy) ale ma tez możliwość pobrania startera i wtedy nie musimy się logować ze strony. To teraz trochę o samej rozgrywce. Mamy dostępne 4 klasy: czarodziej kręgu (mag), strażnik lasu (łucznik), rycerz zakonu smoka (wojownik) i parowy mechanikus (nie
  6. I don't think that there will be second part of this contest
  7. I did but it was fail then I wasn't so good in this.
  8. Here You can see how Dark Steel Armor adapts with blades.
  9. Probably the highest possible dps for bladedancer
  10. Some of You may have seen this already but I post it here too. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=111648.30 (Thank You Angelo)
  11. At first I wanted share my ideas with other players. When I saw players reaction, I've decided to continue my work. I didn't seriously think that Gm will add them to the game, but I'm 100% sure that They saw this. I just wondering, why They didn't write any word here yet? Yes, I would like to see my work in game, but Your nice opinions are worth much more for me than this. I think You understand me.
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