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  1. This is everything I was going to say.
  2. We really do need a new place to farm outside of the dungeons. Lab is oboslete now because it drops old gears that no one wants anymore. A new lab would be the best thing devs could do for the game at this time. Please make it happen
  3. absalom


    yesss, and bump
  4. I agree with this topic. I don't really like any of the staff skins. I am using the archmage skin because it looks slightly better then the staff by itself, however I don't think it looks that cool either in comparison to all the skins for 1h and 2h weapons.
  5. Some good improvements here. Like that other guy said, an option to disable exchanges would be great. I wish you devs would reconsider this potion for 1v1 thing though. An interaction that says duel somewhat like exchange makes more sense. Please don't try to make us pay for this... The amplification items, skins/costumes, arena tickets, and unity/glad pots should already be enough for WS to make a profit. Why do you need to keep adding more things to pay for almost every update? I for one, will not be buying these chaos potions.
  6. The changes to skills will be interesting, i reserve judgement on those... However, about the Chaos potion... is that really an answer to players wanting 1v1???? We want a real duel option, which should be FREE... I can't believe you expect us to get excited over needing to spend mcoins to duel. Bad update, disappointed in you devs, you showing your greediness on this one.
  7. noob guild doing noob things. big surprise here.
  8. "I can do something for sure" "this kind of actions is impossible for me" lol, this forum is a joke. mods are joke, admins are a joke. Glad I havent given this game any money in over 7 months now.
  9. Look at all the big talk from this guy. lmfao Someone has a very tiny penis and takes this mod stuff way too serious. Btw, he gives me warning points and bans me all the time for the same crap. It never seems deserved to me. I'll probably get another warning point for this post. Big whoop. Just makes these little nooblet mods feel a tingly sensation inside for a minute. I usually get that type of sensation from the embrace of a female. Im pretty sure this guy doesnt know what thats like
  10. What issues? The amp system is working the way it is supposed to.
  11. I really do appreciate the efforts to add something new to the game for us to do that doesnt require mcoin usage. Thank you devs for that.... however, it is not working out very well. Pretty boring so far, can you please do something to spice it up?
  12. Maybe 6mil characters have been made, but prolly over 90% are inactive. Sapphire has like 1,000 active players if that.
  13. I don't think priest needs any help, it is one of the best classes.
  14. I didnt say anything about a nerf.... It is a bug that you can move the flag. No skill should move it from the center of town.
  15. Yeah just these wannabe security guards that happen to be mods on forum. sad sad people.
  16. Nothing has changed in Sith. I still wont let members sell the reward, but at least now the CC gear isnt personal so they can do what they please with that. The main reasoning behind not allowing members to sell the rewards is we always have extra slots, and the guild needs to sell those slots first.
  17. I want to revive this thread. I enjoyed it.
  18. absalom


    We spread ourselves a little too thin for that tour. Thats what happens when you go tourney every week without break. Really I have 100 excuses, but everyone always does. Nice job Intrepid. We prefer easy tour though, stop doing that
  19. All 4 of the factions starting maps should drop the lvl 9 gears.
  20. First person i thought of when i saw this topic was Jesenia. She was the first full +10 level 10 character i've seen.
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