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GUILD Bacon (BR-Tourmaline)

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Hey yall :)  Me and some others was thinking abt join next tourney. and i or we wonder how many is up for it? :yahoo:  just to remind yall, they changed the length of tourneys to 1 week insteed of 2 weeks  :good:


Holo is always asking. Well i can make an effort but im in a very bad situation right now so i dnt know if i can hold it

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I need Heroic, im going insane soon. cant even find 2 healers for pt, losing the motivation soon



Oi, i'm on for a while and free to do heroic.



Where is everyone anyways? We can easily grab 3rd this tourny if people logged on and did tower/arena/quests.

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Omg, someone keeps kicking me off the guild, seriously if you don't need or want me to be in bacon, please let me know :facepalm:



lol ninja, we are just rotating chars most of us, and u maybe were of longest





And kick jellybelly, rahul wont log br for awhile, if he ever gonna use it xD

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In last weeks i moved to my moms house (gosh, im 33 and have a family), meanwhile i found a place to stay but suddenly wife was called to work at 800 kilometers and yes, more babysitting for me, less warspear, that added to only log in at nights when my body is saying "please no more" is becoming into me not playing at all or two much.


That does not mean at all that i left the game, or i abandon Bacon or the server. Every baconzito except for the scamrat we have is my mate and i just want to keep doin the best for the bacon. But hey now i have to move myself 900 km in next 2 days with a baby and all needind things. Then ill maybe play a lot more.


Gi, and Born. Im missing you!

I hope to catch you ingame to have at least a lil chat.



Ninja, bro im sorry. We want you in Bacon since always.

i was going to kick you from party but missclicked and kicked you from guild.  :wacko:







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