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  1. Gi let me worried....for long time she doesn't answer my PMs(neither our friends PMs). We got full ignored Just want to know the reason.
  2. Yea....but the problem is that im lazy to lvl up a new char without knowing if i can get something(and i also i already have lv13 gear and dont want to spend money amping lv12 gear... But ok....i might try
  3. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=116809.75
  4. There are many....Hangover is one of them. Unplugged Concert or Eletric Concert?(rock band)
  5. According to Peter Munk,level 13 character can get prize in new Dungeons on first island...my question is: Any get any reward using lv13??If yes.,id like to know wt kind of prize u got or if there is possibility to get equipments or weapons.5) Ty.
  6. Thats the big mistake imo...there should be a dungeon for lv14... Buy wait....lv13 can go dungeon and get reward??
  7. Lv14 arena bd.....based on atk speed and dps....no guild buff
  8. I have no idea how it will make the game better(idk the system) Anyway....gratz
  9. Actually i have no idea but i can borrow if u want them....or trade to something to my priest in US server (lv19)
  10. Sell Full Gear lv13 for druid/mage/priest....all+1 elven side ofc= 1944hp(rings and amulet with HP runes,Belt with Resi) +Twisted Charge +5 pm me Br -TOURMALINE
  11. Maybe a reason to play more often
  12. Via sms vc n consegue maior quantidade de mcoins...mas vc pode comprar qlq quantia pelo boleto bancário no site do Boa Compra Uol
  13. Born tell me when u will log in to give me that +9 dirk...i pay u at sapphire or any other server. With Miracle itens or gold if u wait me sell stuff
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