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  1. I guess this thing is outdated, though don't expect any chance for updating from me haha
  2. this new forum hahahaha wot happened looool
  3. Sup buds I feel like a bad luck omen now lol,hope everyone gets every account back I guess e.e
  4. I can only say I agree with the "at start" part of LoL,took less than 3 matches to quit it :D Oh well,it's not like I'm saying I go no lifer mode with Dota 2 :blush: but I can't think of it getting bored after more than 5 matches :D Note that I'm talking about Dota2 not Dota
  5. I wouldn't have minded explaining the joke,would have probably wrote a novel if necessaryBut,by any chance,could the "any problems" part be implying that you assumed ill intents from my post? Clear my missunderstanding or get aware of yours
  6. Ws is a mobile game while Lol isn't too but yeh,LoL isn't that good,gets boring after a while On the other hands, Dota2 and its shitload of playable characters,never got bored
  7. I would have been soloing 1m bosses by now (put in feel meme)I know that feel bro :D
  8. Lol,did you notice that "lilldog" :D
  9. Yo spanish,are you using that bug which makes your weapon shine as hell :D
  10. Wow,this topic is extremely helpful :D With that birthdays thing in tavern,I wouldn't be speechless the slightest if this became a sticky ♪
  11. Missing these true story combos :D
  12. :lol: Lol,you still do feels stuff :D ?
  13. .....You sir,are making me laugh so hard at the momen ♪
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