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GUILD Bacon (BR-Tourmaline)

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Well, after Gi, many orhers quit(some stopped for a long time and didn't come back, lol)like Born, Animal, HotDog, Catalonia, idk about Azebu,jswazz and others...I'm the leader atm but im not active at all. Do u still playing? Or anybody here ? :/

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I Actually left due to losing all percentage of passion for the game. And yes Gi leaving was a large portion of that, but not the entirety. And yes, one of the main reasons of joining on BR was for a fresh start. That and many followed Gi and a couple of others over there including myself.

I'm guessing Bacon is still dead? You still have the lead Zeus?

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Yes I'm. ...and I'm more active now...I will try to rebuild the guild...left some guys as heirs and got fked up(stolen). My bad...anyways I will try to lvl up by my own...all ppl out there are making gp at least...I had to kick some of guys to invite active ones...in case u want to join (probably not) lemme know...or anypne else here.

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