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  1. Riff before attacking, this shit was crazy.
  2. The new forums has some nice shizzle but where is my facepalm emoji?

  3. Something is wrong with the forums? Or is it my phone? My message got posted multiple times, sorry
  4. Yeah!!! Cant find the MR and I want some nice ban tools just to ban that carpinteyroesi asshole!
  5. Skiney


  6. We are even getting back? Warspear is no fun without you guys! Sapphire is no fun either!!!
  7. You don't say, Mr. obvious!!???
  8. is not a bug you fuc k. He equipped the Bow while characters where Ranked and it was legal to equip that bow at that rank, every MMO's Really really old players have some advantage over the rest of the players.
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