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  1. I guess this thing is outdated, though don't expect any chance for updating from me haha
  2. this new forum hahahaha wot happened looool
  3. Sup buds I feel like a bad luck omen now lol,hope everyone gets every account back I guess e.e
  4. I can only say I agree with the "at start" part of LoL,took less than 3 matches to quit it :D Oh well,it's not like I'm saying I go no lifer mode with Dota 2 :blush: but I can't think of it getting bored after more than 5 matches :D Note that I'm talking about Dota2 not Dota
  5. I wouldn't have minded explaining the joke,would have probably wrote a novel if necessaryBut,by any chance,could the "any problems" part be implying that you assumed ill intents from my post? Clear my missunderstanding or get aware of yours
  6. Ws is a mobile game while Lol isn't too but yeh,LoL isn't that good,gets boring after a while On the other hands, Dota2 and its shitload of playable characters,never got bored
  7. I would have been soloing 1m bosses by now (put in feel meme)I know that feel bro :D
  8. Lol,did you notice that "lilldog" :D
  9. Yo spanish,are you using that bug which makes your weapon shine as hell :D
  10. Wow,this topic is extremely helpful :D With that birthdays thing in tavern,I wouldn't be speechless the slightest if this became a sticky ♪
  11. Missing these true story combos :D
  12. :lol: Lol,you still do feels stuff :D ?
  13. .....You sir,are making me laugh so hard at the momen ♪
  14. yasirnoor21

    valor aura

    Ok,I want to add the new skills to my guide but I don't think I would try them myself anytime soon so I will depend on others' experiences I guess First,valor aura This skill adds 4% to you and your party's magic power and physical power So,it adds 4% extra percentage on each lvl,means its percentage is 20% on lvl5,correct? Also,in which lvl its duration becomes equal or close to its cooldown? And,does upgrading it affects how far your party mates can be away from you and yet receive its effect? Secondly,elusive treat would does this skill do :D ? Note that all of the info I get will be added to the priest's guide with the name of its provider,all answers are appreciated in advance.
  15. Born's birthday? Happy birth day whore :D
  16. had 2500 monster,he activated that wall thingy giving 4000 of his life and I unleashed my equiping xyz nightmare :D this game is epic,it is called Ygopro,it is probably the only real yogiuh game for android,dunno if it supported other platforms though I downloaded it on my phone two days ago,its multiplayer is so smooth and simple you have all cards from beginning, you just build your deck and go face other players,its single player experience is kinda shitty though,so I would say it is this forum is ♥♥♥♥ing racist
  17. See my level lol xD At least I lost it,and she wasn't bad at all,although we needed a bit of rubbing. . These update is gay lol,went avyndol and found nothing since I haven't finished shadows yet I guess,it is a funny memory how I had a chance to finiah it once but I chose to boost my problematic character somewhere else :D then I thought I would try the new skills at least,turned out I need 40k to buy a skill,and I had 1.... So I went norlant to ultimately put my luck on the line by doing captives and captured once,done both in 5 minutes with a bit of luck and 7 res scrolls,I had 15 from gifts anyway both of them gave runes lol,and I won't play no lifer for a week just to get some new skills,as if the game would change when one gets a skill... Then tried to use crafting,turned out I can only craft some retarded ball and it needs 5 minutes,or was it 10 minutes? can't remember lol Went to try dungeones,find no one near berenger tower,went solo,died alone.... Everything needs shitload of time,and bacon dudes say crafting sucks and is just a fancy way to make u waste time and money,well I know I won't bother to try it again any time soon. game iz ded brah.
  18. Life.. duck this shit,trying it with Eu till I sleep -_-
  19. Guess I will give it a day :snorlax: and what's with the half randomly capitalized letters in that name lol
  20. Sincerely thankful for moderator :D Now let's see Enjoying being sarcastic over there much? :snorlax:It was for a contest,thus it will normaly have some fancy stuff,at least you don't see shitload of unneeded screenshots :D tq :blush:
  21. Just seen the update thing lol Is it worth it?
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