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GUILD Bacon (BR-Tourmaline)

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+ KW mask



edit: well this is embarrassing, i got a second KW mask in a row



and i recorded it >.



ill edit the clip once my stream ends



I Could use some KW gear 0.0



Triple drop? pity it wasn't weaps lol.


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♥♥♥♥in oi baconzitos



As I can't catch you all awake at the same time, I decided to come here to talk with you.

I "gave up" on tourney. We're kinda broke, you know. We all did a great job. As I said in the beggining of the tournament, we would get what we would work for. The thing is... some of us worked HARD, like REALLY HARD. Happily it was the most of us, and that's why we managed to get so far, and we competed with a lvl 3 guild! That's really awesome, and I'm really proud of you all.

But, as nothing is perfect, I'm disappointed as well... 1 week before the tourney started, I asked you guys if you would really compete, and everyone said yes. 3 days after tourney we had 4? 5? people with 0-200gp. At the end of the first week of the tourney, at least 8 people with less than 2k gp or something close to that. And it made me realise something.. we're a guild that like to farm, to hunt down some elves, to go tower once in a while, we're all friends, and questing is BORIIIIIING. Boring as shit!

I'm abit frustrated, yes, but I can tell I'm much more happier if you all do what you guys like and have fun together, than to have a stupid costume. For that we're getting the 3rd reward, as we know pretty well that Op and Tourmaline are going to make a hell of a gp this last week, and we can't compete with them when some people say "I'm not feeling it" and simply don't give a shit about gp, but still think we should go first place just to get 2 costumes of the same kind.



For last, I'm giving away a Doom Scepter for the first person to lvl up a caster to lvl 18. Can be a Shaman, a Lock, a Necro, anything you like. And I still have a Spadone and a Shield lvl 18, so feel free to ask me for it if you want them.



Have fun, guys! You're the best :)

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Swaaz, I kicked you so I can inv you to Marvel today, so you to get the costume. :3

Tried to send you a message, but you can't receive them :


so other ppl work in guild for other get reward ? lol  :bad: just why i leave br serv  :facepalm:
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