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  1. Man, I just wandered into these forums for a visit, I cant believe its been 7 years since our time in Bacon, I play FFXIV and WoW regularly now, but my time in this guild was the most fun ive had in a MMO, I loved being on top of the BR server and having fun with all my friends from US-Sapp guilds like LOST and Vortex, and 75% of us Bacon members also being forum Moderators. If any of you reads this I hope that life has been treating you well, hope that you all take care and live a happy life, thanks for those great times we had playing this.
  2. Riff before attacking, this shit was crazy.
  3. The new forums has some nice shizzle but where is my facepalm emoji?

  4. Something is wrong with the forums? Or is it my phone? My message got posted multiple times, sorry
  5. Yeah!!! Cant find the MR and I want some nice ban tools just to ban that carpinteyroesi asshole!
  6. Skiney


  7. We are even getting back? Warspear is no fun without you guys! Sapphire is no fun either!!!
  8. You don't say, Mr. obvious!!???
  9. is not a bug you fuc k. He equipped the Bow while characters where Ranked and it was legal to equip that bow at that rank, every MMO's Really really old players have some advantage over the rest of the players.
  10. Skiney


    Russell shut up!
  11. Skiney

    new class

    a la porra com tu sugestión
  12. Skiney

    new class

    what are you talking about yo? Burger Kings Bacon Double Deluxe is the SHIT!
  13. Skiney

    We have eyes

    They are trolling the shit out of us iOS users... At least our update came just 1 day late... I'm happy for that.
  14. Bro, shut up. All you've done in this topic is ♥♥♥♥♥ about mages while arguing using wrong statements. Go level a Mage to at least 18 and them come ♥♥♥♥♥ about their "3 Stuns" lol Illusory Chains is no stun. Blazing Grounds+Fireball Fear is very improbable and doesn't counts as a skill. And we finally get one with Shatter Grounds that will be as improbable as BG+FB Fear. Go cry somewhere else would ya.
  15. From BR-Tourmaline: 1.Rise 2.Rise 3.Rise 4.Rise 5....Rise 6....I think it was Rise 7. Rise 8. R I S E 9. Rhymes with Demise 10. Guess who? Yeah, Rise.
  16. Lol, as DPS we needed a stun, healing in a Mage is retarded and that's about it. I'm fukin happy with the changes, and anoyed by your suggestion.
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