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  1. Omg, someone keeps kicking me off the guild, seriously if you don't need or want me to be in bacon, please let me know :facepalm:
  2. Everybody in level6 arena are weaklings in their lack of skills points and equipment :facepalm:
  3. And no one cares. Swag is dead.
  4. And yet you bothered coming here to inform everobody that you got killed by a random in a level14 quest cave. How convenient.
  5. How are those worth of any special notification? I see these exact same items for sale every now and then :facepalm:
  6. Also known as hamstring :crazy:
  7. Said the software expert :facepalm: android is superior to iOS in every ways possible
  8. Had to gather myself for a while
  9. Just wondering if I could join bacon whenever a free slot opens :blush:
  10. Correct! You can have that finger back. :crazy:
  11. Cool story, but it's only you acting like an idiot
  12. Because xbox is crappy, especially then new one
  13. This' an obvious scam :lol: Why do you even bother? :crazy:
  14. This' supposed to be Sigmar's bag. :lol:
  15. Such noob gears, I wonder if he has heard about stats :facepalm: But anyways, all of the new rising bds are quickly leveled and amped skilless players, from what I know.
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