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  1. I want bopps grandmother to make me one of those delicious sandwiches old people make. With extra miracle whip and to give me a handy while I eat it.
  2. What Julie wishes is for me to propose to her, but that's not going to happen. With that being said anyone generous enough to donate to the make a wish foundation to get me a book of oblivion will also be helping find a cure for cancer. I thank you for your time and your donations. duck you sincerely. Anti.
  3. I guess I should admit defeat before cyber creams his little panties telling it himself. He beat me I'm a noob necro. The world is over!
  4. Stop dodging me in game and putting on a show for your "cool forum friends"
  5. Don't pretend like you're even honorable enough to honor a bet scrub.
  6. Ill pretend like i don't see the other 2 gankers there xD
  7. Here is a well respected rogue calling me better then cyber xD
  8. Wew more dmg then a dk! Doubt if #1 pro necro the one and only cybermem could even pull this one off. =O
  9. What cyber needs to happen for him to kill me xD
  10. Wew now that's what i call an ass kisser!
  11. I didn't fight with anyone Redbird until you provoked me to lol
  12. That goes for your pedo ass to cyber!
  13. Go buy more accounts cyber. We all know you can make your own
  14. Lmao you call that fighting? Seems you have the need to feel power powerful so do yourself a favor and ban me. Go ahead! Feel the power rush through your body :* lol such losers on here xD
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