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Legionner (lvl 6) using Bow (lvl 10)

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i agree with this. he may be an old player from the time before lvls but this does not mean that he can take advantage of other players that have absolutely no change against someone that hit x3 more than anyone else keeping him for several years always on the top of 6lvl arena.

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All players that played warspear when there were ranks instead of levels know that all current level 9 items were once used by bronze colored rank 1 or 2's.





My first ranger used full level 9 items, then aigrind released the new level system and as stupid as i am, i decided to unequip everything and tried to put it back on without success :facepalm:

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its not +10 for sure...  and i spent more than him on lv6 accounts ...i hope gaymasterz fix it

ofc i dnt care he always do with partner and many time got raped by my shaman nd dk  his not that op  just a coward with lv10 or 9 bow  who do arena with other high amped player

dnt talk shit most of players spending more than him  hope  it get fixed and i want see how he get rank 1

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