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  1. Lintex

    War Map

    Wait whAt?U want a second irelsort war map?LoLz
  2. its Already been suggested many times and its already been agreed to it
  3. haha,bg was a big headache before which requires more than 1 pt which made hunting impossible for me.Btw nice drops guys
  4. just make the stairs 5Yards not1yard so ranger will not be able to trap easily.Or make a new route just above the stair.
  5. @Smilga,that pretty obvious.Weapons are the first thing that ppl try to get.
  6. It worth more than 6K since it is very hard to get even one.Anyways,congratz u were lucky.
  7. Lintex

    LVL up Button

    @Khalleb,i disagree with your box thingy sory.I prefer the other ones.
  8. I think the problem is with the 3Rd party org\Membrs(idk).It also happened to me before 10xsms i sent but none received.
  9. Idk actually,it may cause unbalancement in some ways but still more unique passive skills for each char is necessary.
  10. 51155 is good.u will be able to use threads more quickly.And dark shield as a good def.And the first skill is a must.
  11. So,we are clear now even higher lvl item and costly item like sds doesnt give a damn catalyst,not even one :wacko:
  12. Yup,i hope to see a lvl 14 guild lvl 4 :shock: a dungeon for the every faction island is also necessary.
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