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  1. Annnd go find something else to do if you dont know what to do let me give you advise - go find job .... Im asking gm why no announcement no update this year ?
  2. Dafaq ? Last year was announced 18 oct and updated 22 oct and this year zzz no update yet ... Hope to see announcement this friday or even update .
  3. And saddest part - when servers online we get 1h to play then they keep turning servers off fixing bugs
  4. nooo make special costume day only 1 day to unbind costumes a year 1k mcoins to unbind ...... and in case if R0land read this plz dont forget Level 4-6 at up coming Halloween event thanks.
  5. so what you all telling is he wasted much money to amp bow and else and they unequip it after 2years of use i know he started play 2009 but he came back 2012 so is not his fault is too late to fix it , for those who cry about it think again lvl 6 i guess only arena in which can face stronger player is fun for me legionner one of the reasons why i play arena 6 not 10 ,14,18,20...etc stop crying lvl up to 10 and you have no problems or buy mcoins amp +8 +9 and you can defeat him .
  6. please add time so we can see when fight ends in arena sometimes runners especially in new map teleport keep running so i have to wait for draw and i dont know how long it takes to wait like minions shows time please make something like that for arena thanks
  7. Engineer shit i agree that we need some new classes but this is crap
  8. Level 18+ got new skills please same skills but ofcourse not that powerfull for levels 5 to 14 even different skills would be appreciated. Im level 6 arena player BD and is hard to catch rangers hamstring helps sometimes.
  9. 30mins to upload new client dafaq i can upload 1.5gb movie in 20-30mins zzz
  10. Scroll of costume unbind rare scroll that boss drops to unbind costumes
  11. Old Halloween items + arena set + lvl5 armor + helm even better then novice ...
  12. Yep on my galaxy y same shit coz no gpu on my other phone works good gpu have better
  13. Dumbass if he have +10 he hit like 350 but is +9 :!
  14. Plz for low levels too something lvl 4-6 needs tavern or something like that from snow bund and Halloween
  15. devilrokas


    Yes have connection problems too .... Fix it
  16. Yes please make skill that stays forever is useless otherwise....
  17. lol i called my wifi company asked wtf is wrong with internet and now i find out is not my connection :D
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