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  1. It would be more fun to play an mmorpg with "WASD" control. idk if this is just me or no, im so bad at warspear when i play on pc. Its just hard to control and using skil with a mouse and a keyboard. Sometimes when u press skill with a keyboard and click with a mouse to the target, it cant click. so why not make the new movement speed t make it easier and more fun.
  2. naonw

    Old Mailbox Bug

    As far as i know , mail / letter ( contain no items) that goes into the mailbox will be deleted in 12 hours but this is weird , i have this old letter but after i tried to open it , the game went down / crash. Any idea why? 40B649D5-D469-41E8-BE96-D56ABEF30968.MP4
  3. what detail? its happen to mee too
  4. i got the same problem on my ios device, cant even type a word on the game so i have to click the home button and open the app again its not much but sometime this can be so annoying when doing a dg or killing a big boss while chatting with my friend
  5. naonw


    what is ISP , how to change it? or its cant be changed so im cant login to forum with my phone??
  6. naonw


    i got the same problem too, i cant log in with my phone ( ios ) pls fix this
  7. naonw

    is this legal?

    so guys i have some question , i voted warspear for the best mmo game but i did something , i cleared the cookies and data from the safari (iphone) so i can vote it again as much as i wanted, so the question is : is that legal and how about my votes is it counted or no? thanks
  8. Nice story bro i have to read all but its really a good story nice place maybe some skill need added nice drop nice picture
  9. yeah me too i tried to reinstal but its not working pls fix it
  10. naonw

    Xmas Bug?

    Help me to get a big photo to share !!! Im using iphone
  11. naonw

    Xmas Bug?

    Bug?? Click that photo to make it big
  12. can i join this league ??? im active player lvl 24 bd just ,add me : Buayasakit ..... thank you
  13. Nah.. The inspect function is good ,but maybe devs must add option if other player able to see our equipment or not.. Thats my suggestion
  14. naonw


  15. naonw

    We have eyes

    Stop this and fix notifications problem on ios and btw 0 coins ! So stop this bullshit ty
  16. naonw

    I get it!

    fix this problem , ty
  17. naonw


    Today is my birthdays :yahoo: :P
  18. My ps3= call of duty ghost, grand theft auto 5, the last of us ,resident evil 6 and crysis 3 My phone= clash of clans :P
  19. Just try it till u get what u want! Dont give up ! And u'll done it Dont act like a kid! Or maybe baby .
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