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  1. So the healers are stronger in arena? Where druids and shamans where strong already... (more moon/dark/sun then astral) And they are weaker in hunting? (more astral then attack). So for hunting 2 healers are needed now to be able to hunt even a easy boss? What is this? I thought it would be balanced. And that amping wont be that much of an influence. But i guess i was wrong :(. The rich, high amped players are the winners of the update. The poorer, low/mid amped players are the losers for sure. And i think the difference between healing magic and attacking magic was good. Players needed to think a bit about their equipment. Everybody could make own decisions. Now i guess everybody goes the same. :(
  2. You can try with sponsporpay or tapjoy to get some free mcoins, then you can buy a bag with 1 mcoin. You dont need bagspace for that. Other way can be to cancel the quest and do it again.
  3. Enjoy your holiday devs :D And to the others, dont be greedy. Be happy with the 25%, it could have been 0% discount too.... In Dutch we say sometimes "if you arent happy with small presents, you arent worth the big ones"
  4. And block only works wearing a shield.
  5. So your topic name is "sell ice ring" but you want to sell that stick? Why on earth you made a different title...
  6. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=98107.0
  7. Or did they skip it because all what they hear all the time about events is that it isnt good... I would understand them if they said "forget it then"
  8. Isnt my sunset different?
  9. The announced it a month ago the daily chest system would change. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=96876.0 You can read it in this thread. They gave you plenty of time to collect your chests, so dont come crying here now.
  10. They changed it month ago. You dont receive new ones until they are all in your bag. FireDoger got chests again when on the whole account none of his chars had daily gifts as message.
  11. All your chars dont have chests left in messages? They all are in the bag?
  12. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cockta This cockta you mean?
  13. I guess both ;) a +10 lvl 10 bow.
  14. Doesnt sound familiar to me either.
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