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  1. Mountain Clans e Elf são as mais "fáceis", no primeiro mapa as quests amarelas são relativamente menos complicadas do que as do mapa Forsaken e Chosen. Mas nada muito difícil também. Pelo menos era no tempo que eu jogava...
  2. Quando voce tem 7 plataformas e, suave, Edge, 3G, 4G, DSL, T1, GSM, CDMA, e mais algumas que eu nem consigo lembrar, todas elas. Rodando ao mesmo tempo. Numa plataforma Peer to Peer, voce vai ter lag. Não importa qual tipo protocolo de comunicação voce usa. Imagino que seja SDP, se o jogo for escrito em Java. Enfim, espera um pouquinho quem sabe eles dão uma melhorada na próxima atualização. Eliminar por completo é difícil. Certo? :good:
  3. O-O Well, I blissfully missed it then. . . Anyway, I always sucked every kind of weird asses on Hitman so. I could never figure out the order of the strings of gimmicks you had to do so, yes, man was I terrible at it. Liked it tho', which made it the more sad.
  4. Lols... The asshole within me is going as tame as one'd expect... I would like to be able to describe my life in a nutshell. :( dunno how do dis. how do dis?
  5. Well, I stopped playing RE after 4. I have Code Veronica laying around but idk, I didn't feel like playing it a lot, it felt too silly within the first 5 minutes. And you didn't miss a lot by not playing Shattered Memories, really. It Shattered a bit of my good ol' Memories of how great Silent Hill was untill Homecoming, which was pretty good imo. And then there is Downpour.... The insufferable insult to the series. Shattered was pretty ok compared to it, and it was a vomit worth of being side-swiped and forgotten. It is really not that big deal of a SH title, the decisions barely alter the dialogs, and between the multiple endings the UFO is the only one worth it. Baaah I still have to do the Dog ending in SH 2.. :facepalm: Only one missing. Is there a Hitman for PS2? I think there is, right? I really don't remember... I've played one on PC sooooooo long ago... Damn, I'm gettin' old..
  6. Silent Hill The Room. Nuff said.
  7. Let's talk about our shrimps then.
  8. Dazz


    Yea. Happy Birthday Born :drinks: The first round is on me. ;)
  9. Wth.? Did I miss something? Should I take a picture of my hospital room to light up the moods? Yea.. I'm bedstuck. Yaaaaay!
  10. Oh. Thought I had done something again. What happened to the quotes, eh? They all get wrapped up. It's annoying.
  11. That is what I used to do. Besides swamps or Lab, or farm or anything. Prices are pretty ok actually.
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