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  1. It would be more fun to play an mmorpg with "WASD" control. idk if this is just me or no, im so bad at warspear when i play on pc. Its just hard to control and using skil with a mouse and a keyboard. Sometimes when u press skill with a keyboard and click with a mouse to the target, it cant click. so why not make the new movement speed t make it easier and more fun.
  2. naonw

    Old Mailbox Bug

    As far as i know , mail / letter ( contain no items) that goes into the mailbox will be deleted in 12 hours but this is weird , i have this old letter but after i tried to open it , the game went down / crash. Any idea why? 40B649D5-D469-41E8-BE96-D56ABEF30968.MP4
  3. what detail? its happen to mee too
  4. i got the same problem on my ios device, cant even type a word on the game so i have to click the home button and open the app again its not much but sometime this can be so annoying when doing a dg or killing a big boss while chatting with my friend
  5. naonw


    what is ISP , how to change it? or its cant be changed so im cant login to forum with my phone??
  6. naonw


    i got the same problem too, i cant log in with my phone ( ios ) pls fix this
  7. naonw

    is this legal?

    so guys i have some question , i voted warspear for the best mmo game but i did something , i cleared the cookies and data from the safari (iphone) so i can vote it again as much as i wanted, so the question is : is that legal and how about my votes is it counted or no? thanks
  8. Nice story bro i have to read all but its really a good story nice place maybe some skill need added nice drop nice picture
  9. yeah me too i tried to reinstal but its not working pls fix it
  10. naonw

    Xmas Bug?

    Help me to get a big photo to share !!! Im using iphone
  11. naonw

    Xmas Bug?

    Bug?? Click that photo to make it big
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