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  1. None of them are my characters. My characters are all noob.
  2. Who do you think are the best players of each level? Not just based on amps or arena rating but skill too. 1 from the sentinels and 1 from the legion. I think: Level 4-6: Elf- Unknowshot MC- Sexyleader Level 7-10: Elf- Zhuge MC- Jasmiine Level 11-14: Elf- Zepar MC- Snowkath Level 15-18: Chosen- Dinosour MC- Duido Level 19-20: I'll leave this blank to avoid arguments I chose these based on who I've seen fighting, so maybe there are better players whom I don't know about. I know there are similar topics but I haven't found one with best players per level, so sorry if there is already a topic about this. Only US-Sapphire please.
  3. Just asking, why don't SMS buyers ever get 50% more miracle coins? Is it an issue with phone service providers?
  4. -Fatshemale- US -Penishole- US -Feelmydick- US -Negromancer-US And many more...
  5. I don't think they should make it such a short time before a new leader is assigned (10 days is too short)and they should not allow explorers to be leaders. There should, as suggestor101 said, be a new rank of Deputy leader.
  6. Agreed. Please add a poll so it can be taken more seriously.
  7. True. The whole of NBK guild wants my head now. ;D
  8. Still doesn't justify the swearing. I really would appreciate an answer from Anihalator himself.
  9. I remember attacking Thenforcer when he attacked my friend- maybe that's the reason?
  10. I agree with this suggestion.
  11. No, as I stated above, I'm complaining about the randomness of his hatred. I get ganked all the time in the PVP cave. I want to know what his problem is and why he tells random people to duck off. :nea:
  12. OK, so I was in the PVP cave, minding my own business as usual, when some crazy b*stard tells me (Completely out of the blue) to f*ck off. I say no, as he has no right to order me around. I never take orders from people with half a brain anyway- so I stayed. Then, a few seconds later a barbarian by the name of "Anihalator" was attacking me with half of his sh*tty guild. A few moments later, he came over to Elf side to PM me- "told u stupid c*nt" leaving me rather bewildered, as I had never done anything to the guy before. So Anihalator, if you're reading this, I would like you to know that I don't really care if you continue acting so childishly. Go ahead, carry on killing me on sight with 4 of your b*tches if it really makes you happy. In fact, the real reason I am writing this is to ask: What the hell is wrong with you? You randomly rage at a guy who you have never spoken to before, and don't even have the decency to explain why? So please, tell me what I have done to make you so mad at me (Do not by any means take this as an apology because it is not). Maybe you had a bad day at work, that is, assuming you aren't collecting welfare cheques. If so, please find another way to vent your anger. It really is impolite to call strangers obnoxious names, I believe it is classed as bullying which may just be against the rules. Thank you very much for reading this, I hope you reply soon. :drinks:
  13. I completely agree with you. It is ridiculous that we do not gain XP from killing monsters. One thing you must note is that you chose the Forsaken faction which has some of the harder and more tedious quests. I also get bored very easily with repetitive quests, which is why I chose the Elf faction, which has easy quests. You are not the first person to complain about this, nor will you be the last. Unfortunately, the developers of this game are notorious for ignoring good suggestions from the players, and it is a well known fact that they are extremely greedy; putting money before the welfare of their players. If you want to earn gold without spending any real money, then you need to get to map 2, where you can start farming. Until you get to level 12, you are stuck on map 1. However, do not let this put you off. The game becomes much more exciting as you get to map 2; you can hunt down the enemy factions; complete dungeons for rewards; do daily quests or farm bosses. In fact, you can stay in a particular level band (either: 4-6; 7-10; 11-14; 15-18 or 19-20) for doing arena. With regards to your query on being "noticeably different", the ways to stand out are by amplifying your gear (VERY expensive at higher levels, especially if you do not spend real money) or by getting top ranks in the arena. Guilds are more than just chat strings; you earn Guild Points (by doing quests or winning in arena) and with guild points the leader or heirs of the guild can study guild skills and level the guild up (you can search for more information about guilds on the forum). Crafting has not yet been implemented in the game. The game has other flaws too (what bugs me most are the grammatical errors in the quest dialogues) and if you do change Factions from Forsaken to Elf, bear in mind that the Elf society is greedy, unhelpful and riddled with scammers. I hope I helped you in some way.
  14. Scroll of Speed + Scroll of Burning = Flames everywhere. ;D I like this suggestion, hope devs consider it at least. +1 :good:
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