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  1. warspear stuff is in holiday now. u will get answer on 9 th january :lol:
  2. christmas time is the best from all the year. Best movies at Tv. and too many gifts also and. its. the time when i can buy more mcoin than in rest of the year :lol: :lol: :drinks:
  3. 90% from Thecore are trusted guys :drinks: and always give u a hand of help
  4. in last time i saw people calling u perv xD is that true? uh :)
  5. i didnt gank anyone for 2 days :fool:
  6. ruberius drop ice queen great ring and amulet :'(
  7. get a set of. extra pockets. u sure will have enough space ;D
  8. santa claus didnt come with my 8400 mcoin :cray: i dont understand why :cray: my wish >:D
  9. frone


    i dont understand :fool:
  10. ginies seems a nice person ;D i think just seems. :bad:
  11. game is on for u :facepalm: in nokia,game auto close.
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