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  1. Hm.. exciting stuff Guess who saved up 23 physical damage two handed swords on elf side? XD New class? New clickbait for those who dont wanna read forums. As well as another walkthrough. Good job devs, but id have preferred xmas :( Ill have to wait to use my 70 set ride tickets.. Lastly, you killed ranger, not by nerfing it to death, but by replacing it. :(
  2. I think i know why they came to emerald :D Cuz default server choice is emerald and they didnt know you could change it
  3. The kind only warspear can pull off The kind only warspear can pull off
  4. guys i have done an in dpeth study in to this. after enchanting things with crystals and runes almost 1000 times for the achievments. if the display is that there is a high chance. it actually means there is a low chance. and when it states that there is a low chance it succeeds almost every single time. basically meaning. the higher the level difference between the gear you are enchanting and the enchant, the higher the chance. myth busted.
  5. play the classes that are fun to play.
  6. -Hope you Enjoy-
  7. https://youtu.be/Wsr7VSc5lZI
  8. yes second hand dealer needs it definitely, way too many instances of misclick.
  9. I really do think that no game should have an "unavoidable" full circle sun, if you are unable to do anything to counter this stun cycle, then you wont win, try playing a mage, a necro, a ranger, its impossible. However i am still optimistic, the game will balance itself, bds were once op, and now they have been nerfed, hope this happens to the correct classes in the next fixing of skills, *cough* barbs and dks *cough*. Paladin, priest, necro, shaman, lock, bd, barb and dk are all ok, but please. mage and ranger need a buff, i know that i am supporting my own classes that i play but please, anyone will nice this after they reach lv24+, this is the part of the game, where actual game implemented "Skills" are more overpowered than amp and gear. Excuse the whining but reinforce my point, NO class should have stun cycle that is unavoidable, because nothing, nothing can fight you when you have the power to cripple the enemy, chain them, aim a gun at them, then bury them alive at the bottom of the sea. please, think about it
  10. hope they fix it, for everyone's sake yes it works perfectly, the penetration comes in only in the second shot that is added by the skill, giving an extra 5%, but not in the original attack.
  11. I dont know what to say, dont take this harshly, but please question your life decisions if this was what you are arguing about.
  12. That isnt how it works lol
  13. Agreed
  14. Agreed 100%