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  1. You should ask people who are interested in the lore of warspear. Most players don’t care about the lore, it’s always the quests amp amp etc.
  2. Month of July and I still visit hahahaha

  3. I really miss those times. 8 years ago... Probably it was around 2012-2014 when it was still the old forum where everyone was overactive those days. Now... most have left. Some always come back and some never return at all. 😪

  4. Forgot to update on april lol but better late than never

  5. Okay I’m pretty bored coming back here like every month.

  6. The faction character limit is pretty much useless because there are many inactive players taking up the slots.
  7. It’s march now. People come and go and come back sometimes.

  8. February 29 login lmao

  9. January now lmao 

  10. Okay it’s so boring

  11. September already?

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