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  1. Vortex went downhill because of the stolen gears!
  2. I too am confused... You only get Christmas things at winter events. But it's over. You have to wait a hundred years for the next winter.
  3. He's gone for a long time. Hike Tyson or Alarak something
  4. It has been suggested before like the day and night cycle. Never going to happen.
  5. Stardew valley is for singleplayers. You can't compare an mmo like warspear to an offline singleplayer game.
  6. Og I forgot it's a new year.

  7. Don't be sad about it. Warspear will last before 2100.
  8. Just don't start with a ranger. They suck now.
  9. Warlocks have the weirdest skills in warspear compared to other warlocks in other mmos or rpgs, etc.
  10. Contact the support team and wait for their reply.
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