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  1. Real PvP cave

  2. Is this game still pay to win?

    All of what you said is true.
  3. why the game make my phone power so quickly

    I meant what device do you use.
  4. why the game make my phone power so quickly

    What kind of "phone" do you use?
  5. Guess Who Will Post Next

  6. Revive 'Developers' Diary '

    Agreed. I don't think that all of them are always busy, but one or a few of them should update some things so we players can know early.
  7. We need to talk

    What really is the problem? Because I didn't also understand what the topic ("Lordmohamed lvled Berserk?") is all about. From my understanding, these are in-game problems. The first one was someone that is claiming that he lvled berserk but in reality, he didn't. The second one is someone is always abusing you in world chat, but you can just ignore him and wait for devs to mute him/her.
  8. Marchy march :floating-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:

  9. Phishing sites!

    What if they change website name?
  10. Guess Who Will Post Next

    She's too busy A wild Snorlax appears! (I guess)
  11. Phishing sites!

    These kind of people are good at doing these things. Report phishing site!
  12. I'm here, you're here. :floating-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:

  13. Guess Who Will Post Next

    Sadly, he didn't Guess who will post next? Dunno who but this game seems fun
  14. Warspear balance in a nutshell video

    Sorry that I've misjudged you Spanish. I guess I didn't think it through because I didn't know what kind of person Vla is.