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  1. Or just remove the bag space limit. Infinite bag space for free.
  2. Everyone’s gone.

  3. Fact 164: Ayvondil was once the capital of the elves. Fact 165: The White Wanderer created the world of Arinar Fact 166: The White Wanderer tasked Nuadu, Harad and Garahan to guard the Warspear Fact 167: The Elves were created first while the Chosen were created after the Elves. Fact 168: The Elves can live without dying of old age but can be killed. Fact 169: The Chosen have short lives conpared to the long-lived elves. Fact 170: The White Wanderer’s location is unknown.
  4. Many reasons. Busy lives, interested playing other games, dead etc. I miss the old days. 2011-2013 were the good ones for me.
  5. I miss the old me.  :cray:

    It's been years. Too long... Days, months, years have passed...

    The feelings of nostalgia are so bittersweet.

  6. By what right do you enter these lands without the permission of Alith Anar, lord of house Anar, Shadow King of Nagarythe? If you come to treat with me, hear my oath to the dead. Nothing is forgotten, nothing is forgiven!

  7. It's like an elven caste system. I'm interested in the story of the Warspear Universe.
  8. Avamanyar

    Post liking

    Years ago, when it was still the old forum. You can smite people's karma, it was removed because it can be spammed and people were so sensitive back then.
  9. True, but I guess needs update. I wonder where Ladygi is now? It's been a long time without her here.
  10. I'm quite surprised that they planned it since I guess, like 6 years ago. And it's been 6 years and still no lvl 30.
  11. She's busy. This topic always gets boring so quickly. That's why it takes time for someone to play this game Cardinal
  12. Avamanyar


    What do I do for fun? I go hunt low-level players, chat people, stalk people, gain information etc
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