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  1. Avamanyar

    Fill in the gaps

    It's like an elven caste system. I'm interested in the story of the Warspear Universe.
  2. Avamanyar

    Post liking

    Years ago, when it was still the old forum. You can smite people's karma, it was removed because it can be spammed and people were so sensitive back then.
  3. Avamanyar

    Massive Spoiler for Norlant Swamps

    True, but I guess needs update. I wonder where Ladygi is now? It's been a long time without her here.
  4. Avamanyar

    Are we going to have lvl30 one day?

    I'm quite surprised that they planned it since I guess, like 6 years ago. And it's been 6 years and still no lvl 30.
  5. Avamanyar

    Guess Who Will Post Next

    She's busy. This topic always gets boring so quickly. That's why it takes time for someone to play this game Cardinal
  6. Avamanyar


    What do I do for fun? I go hunt low-level players, chat people, stalk people, gain information etc
  7. Avamanyar

    Anonymous 2

    Do you mean you're going to create another group of Anonymous (the original created by Legionn?)
  8. Avamanyar

    X's farewell

    Okay, is he planning to return someday?
  9. Avamanyar

    Guess Who Will Post Next

    She's too busy Alarak (Hike Tyson)
  10. Avamanyar

    my opinion. the game is not going to die

    Gamemasters and Developers are different...
  11. Avamanyar

    X's farewell

    This was almost 3 years ago. Late reaction (necroposting) lol?
  12. This was unexpected... Goodbye Daria! Hello Reivenorik!
  13. Avamanyar

    ( Forum game ) Ask the person below you a question.

    Of course, to remind people of what was hidden in the past. Why are the old forum days long gone? Do you think there will be a time in the future that will make everything here in the forum like it used to be?
  14. Avamanyar


    I agree. It's been suggested before but I don't know why they still won't implement it. Buying the wrong items are annoying.
  15. I'm bored. My country's internet is so slow and our internet provider company is corrupt.