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  1. I ran in circles around that aoa rogue hoel with my 18 lvl druid. I didnt even had forest song to save my ass if he gets near me and i still took ZERO damage. Not only that but i used non hp heroic set my hp was like 1900, i could be killed just from one hit or one poison but i RAPED HIM :D Then after a few hours i went to gg and killed 2 rogues higher lvl than me 2 on 1 hahaha. And you telling me 600 magic druids with 4k hp and all expert skills are dying easily? WTF only noobs are left nowadays? I miss the old times when there were players who gave
  2. Either make a healer with no hp heroic gears which give tons of critical and full sets cost around 15k which you can easily get just from daily quests in swamps and irselnort (but you will die in one hit in pvp unless you have a 5 lvl stun like roots) or a charmer with a mace to kill even the top low lvl players in arenas while using a +3 mace lol As for farming bosses charmer again is good for this too and with a few tricks you could kill a red crown boss in like 2m without even taking a hit :D I aint sharing the trick because aigring will nerf charmer but if you are s
  3. Despite emerald having the most players online according to the player list when making a new char... chat is dead most of the time, events always fail in round 1-2 and the same people get dg drops so wtf where are all those people hiding
  4. wtf i was killing 26 lvl rogues with 300 magic 18 lvl druid you must be some noob
  5. I see 3 news every time i go to the char selection screen. I tick to not see those news again but they keep appearing again. Its a bug.
  6. So the servers are down for everybody? Cant even check the server list i remember in the old version servers with red colour name meant the server is down... Now theres nothing only the stupid connecting... when i try to open my char list @Mistaj acc sharing is illegal sadly :( well atleast for all who are not +10
  7. Thats what i never liked about online games not only the lag or cant connect at all but also devs can close the game at any moment and all our money and time will go to a waste. This is the last online game i play and if it ever closes i quit multiplayer gaming forever
  8. 5 lvl shield is sexy i absorb 600 dmg at low lvl and it says in the info the amount of dmg absorbed will increase with chars lvl :* Not sure how much it will increase but i love it already, i can even survive attacks from 26 lvl mcs :[
  9. Even if tick to not see the news i will see them again after i relog or open the char selection menu
  10. I see thanks. I hope 5 lvl shield will give 10 buffs easy vs high dmg players and mobs cause the boost will be op if i ever reach 1k power with daggers like that darkwanker player with horror accessories
  11. Does it only boost the time of seekers shield or the dmg buffs too? :D And for wardens shield does it boost the time of the shield? Edit: And does it boost only seekers time of stealth effect or speed of seeker too?
  12. Wouldnt it be more nice if rage restored hp for killing mobs and players below our lvl? not the same amount as with killing equal or higher lvl players though... Since it only restores hp while on rage and you also have to kill something i dont think this would make heal that op :D
  13. Or how about making it resist negative effects too like bees/bleeding/etc like the resist runes? I still would like to see it last 7.5/10 seconds instead of 5 because most skills which activate it got a big cooldown time and the chance to activate is only 10% the relic is useless right now
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