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  1. Yes it's pay to win just like any other "free" mobile game. You can't realistically get enough signs to fully upgrade equipment without real money. The competetive side is pretty much a money spending contest.
  2. This game would be really hard fully f2p. Spending real money gets you more inventory space, default is not enough. More damage, more defense. If you're interested in pvp you'll be at a huge disadvantage against players who bought pay to win coins. This game fits the pay to win definition perfectly. Unfortunately that's just the way mobile games are. Only thing i can suggest is play a PC game instead.
  3. There are many non-p2w mmos on PC but you're right, they're mostly buy to play or have a monthly fee which is still much better than p2w because at least you have fair gameplay there (WoW, Guild Wars 2, ESO...). Only free ones that come to mind right now are Wildstar which is dead/dying and PoE which is similar to an mmorpg but it's action rpg. Seems like you're right about mobile games though where cash shops make otherwise decent games bad. I can deal with things like exp boosts or whatever that simply allow you to progress faster but buying places on leaderboards is just too much.
  4. The thing that made me quit was "pay to win" business model which most smartphone multiplayer games have. I like to play competetive games like CS:GO, Overwatch, Dota, LoL on my PC where your rank/mmr depends entirely on your skill, you can spend $1000s there but a better player will still beat you because you can't buy things that ruin gameplay, only cosmetic stuff. I logged in and found out that you can still buy the #1 spot in arena which isn't fun and there's no challenge so cya in 2 more years if this game is still alive. Don't get me wrong, this game is fun, i like the nostalgic graphics, combat and open world pvp but the fact that you can literally buy tournament wins just ruins gameplay and any competetive aspect. Anyone knows any non-p2w mmos for android with some pvp?
  5. Haven't played for a couple years and just remembered that this game exists. Is it worth returning to? My focus would be pvp. When i quit one of the main reasons was broken arena. Nobody used 5x5, except guilds exploiting the system by fighting their own guildmates for GP. And you could just buy tournament ranks with miracle coins. For example player A with 100 wins and 200 losses was ranked higher than player B with 100 wins and 100 losses. Obviously player A is very bad and only has 33% win rate, player B is average at 50% win rate but A has higher rank because he bought more tickets. What's the point of even having a "tournament" like that? Just make a leaderboard of miracle coin purchases. Has this been fixed somehow or is wallet still more important than skill?
  6. Fixed for you. There's no such thing as competition in this game.
  7. Depends on what you want to do. Sure you can just play without paying, all content is available but you will be pretty weak. It's impossible to get good gear without buying miracle coins. And some parts of this game like arena tournament for example are very pay2win, it's all about buying lots of tickets not winning the battles.
  8. Just make arena free and there won't be such problems. Maybe someone would even play 5x5 besides guilds fighting themselves for easy GP.
  9. Well that sucks, i'd rather wait a few minutes than waste my tickets on a 100% loss.
  10. Every time i join 3x3 arena there's about 30% chance that i will be matched against level 21-22 players while me and my team are only level 19-20. I've never been matched against lower levels so is there some sort of an exploit that allows you to play against lower lvl people? This has been happening for a long time and it's very frustrating to fight a level 22 party with 19s in your team.
  11. NNNNoooooo it's double ip weekend in league of legends, why at the same time whyyyyyy.
  12. I missed the part where it says how to become pro.
  13. That would make no sense.
  14. Actually it says exact opposite.http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/quran/023-violence.htm Fight those who don't believe allah and stuff.
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