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  1. There are still some issues in this spring event update and still not fixed as well 1. Forgotten hallways event some guild still cant have the portal appear after stage one completed 2. There is bug at pvp area (ring) made some player can enter the area without chaos buff on 3. Physical/magical tougthening bug made the player resist the basic dmg and reduced dmg until 0 4. GvG event bug from all 4 bosses we only could kill Air stonefang boss and receive reputation while other is didnt receive anything. hope it sooner be fixed too will be patient wait
  2. Ohim

    Login issues

    This issue is serious bcs we in sapphire server just completed mermen gvg and about to spamming mermen dg with buff (4 hours) its been one hour this happen
  3. It is me cant find it or it actually wrong Displayed Snorlar Costume than a Beholder like what is described
  4. Wow that's creepy enough Maybe for a new quester Town 5 will regret going there
  5. Maybe other player have suggested this but Let me show one from me. Fighting at Raid Bosses maybe familiar with all server Warspear Online This time but there is something in my mind need to be add Oh yeah that is a Music for a Raid Boss area when players cross to the area of Boss, the music will sudden change to a dramatic music so players who want to fight the boss or either war with other faction or guild can feel the euphoria of battle it self. it will be good if Dev add this suggestion in game next update How about others, you agree ? Check video down here for example.
  6. Waiting for several days since warspear update version but still couldn't find it on appstore . just to know when exactly ios get latest version release so i can enjoy long tap for self cast on my phone haha
  7. Is this including T3 Ayvondil quest not found bug fix ?
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